We asked some of the city’s hidden gems to tell us about what they feel is the most important factor behind their success.

JOEL CARRITHERS | Chiropractor

Being a business owner and a father comes with benefits and challenges. Making sure to balance both can be difficult and rewarding. Keeping the two separate and knowing when to set the boundaries and keep those boundaries is very important. With being involved in sports I am able to incorporate the two. My family loves to go along to practices, sporting events and able to enjoy the atmosphere while I am working. Having a private chiropractic office can give me the flexibility to accommodate to my families needs. Being present for my children’s events and milestones has a very positive impact on them. We started a family while opening our business so the two evolved with each other. Read more>>

Wes Hamil | Entrepreneur, Artist, and Teacher

Being an artist is essentially being an entrepreneur. Having been an entrepreneur in multiple startups, I have learned that they are going to demand the majority of your time and effort. You have to enjoy as much of the process as you possibly can because to be successful it will require a high degree of commitment. Know this will be true of any endeavor, from the outset. This helps in the work/Life balance because you can avoid resenting the amount of time you spend working. The secret of work life balance is NOT that you get to spend equal time in terms of hours engaged in non-work activity (excluding sleep from this equation). If you are going to be successful you will spend far more time working on your project than almost anything else. Read more>>

Lisa and Pete Youngwerth | Owners of Gearonimo Sports and Pure Bouldering Gym

Pete and Lisa Youngwerth owners of Gearonimo Sports “Starting this Gear store we had to put as much work into growing it as we did our kids. We have put our blood, sweat, and tears into this business and are very proud of what it has become. With any business, success does not come easy and we needed to fill our time with thoughts of our new business every day. The stress was crippling often, some days were so relieving to have one or two customers come through the doors. We did understand that if we wanted the business to grow we had to put the work in, and today our minds are at ease. We have been open for just over eleven years, and are able to sit back and look at what we created. Read more>>

Haley Slamon | Multimedia Artist and Performer

Good scheduling is the core habit that’s helped me improve so many aspects of my professional life. As someone who struggles with motivation, a set morning routine starts my day off right without deciding what to work on, just like a regular job. I always post on social media right away, and then comment on other people’s posts for a while. It’s something easy to do when I first wake up, but it’s also a great way to boost my own posts in the algorithm, and reach out to new potential followers at the same time! Even though social media sometimes seems pointless, putting in that work to connect with my audience and other creators has noticeably boosted my sales. It’s certainly a lot more effective than just hoping others will notice me. Read more>>

Melissa Flanell | Business Owner and Operations Manager

Taking care of myself is paramount for the success of my business. A full nights sleep, clean eating, very little drinking and keeping stress levels low allow me to work hard day in and day out. A healthy mind and body really allows me to interact positively with customers, ensure the wellness of my employees, and avoid mental burnout. Read more>>

Jamie Rogers | Photographer

My attention to detail is the biggest contributor to my success. It can be tiresome and overwhelming at times but not everyone is willing to go the extra mile. This is what separates the good from the great. Paying close attention to detail in my photography is what helps it stand out. This also applies to all facets of business. The more attention you pay to the customer will help you stand out in their mind and bring them back time and time again. Read more>>

Lauralouu Scannapieco | Entrepreneur yoga and Pilates instructor and Jewelry designer.

The habits I felt helped me succeed was always staying consistent and present with my clients and customers. When you are a reliable source for people they always tend to come back for your services. I find that when I’m not staying consistent, everything falls apart and I have to pick up the pieces and start over again, which is never fun. Read more>>

Lucas Farlow | Acrylic Painter/Artist

My art business, has been full of learning as I go. I had no idea how to go about making a business out of selling my paintings. I did have some guidance from my parents which was very helpful. But, in today’s world full of social media and online presences, selling your own art requires a lot of attention outside of just painting. A strong work ethic has helped me succeed. I do paint on a pretty consistent schedule. But, my physical disability and artistic motivation to dictate some of how much I can paint. I try to paint every other day. Read more>>