Artistic and creative careers are among the most rewarding, but they also come with unique challenges. We asked some of the city’s best creatives to tell us why they choose to pursue a creative career.

Jules Beedle | Photographer

After four years of working in an office, I knew that I could not do that for the rest of my life or I would be too bored. I wanted to work in a job that helped me to foster my passion, creativity, and freedom. Photography has been a favorite hobby of mine since I was 8 years old, going from disposable to digital cameras. About four years ago I started to do photography for my friends and family as a side job. It made me genuinely happy to capture special moments in people’s lives; I truly never get bored with taking photos, so this year I decided to make my full-time focus photography. Being a photographer has made me realize that you can never stop learning how to improve. This aspect has helped to keep my creativity changing and growing throughout the years. Read more>>

Tricia Turpenoff | Traveling Brand Photographer

I have always been creative. My Aunt and Uncle bought me my first camera when I was 5 years old. I was hooked and ever since then I have had a passion to know more, learn more and be the best at my craft and at customer service! Read more>>

Andrea Caroline | Candy Artist & Creator of Sparkle Lollipops

I’ve been a creative ever since I can remember. I was quite the entrepreneur as a little girl as well! I would draw flowers on scrap cardboard and ask my grandfather (who was a painter himself) if I could sell my drawings at his pharmacy. He would let me hang them high on the wall so that all the patrons could see them and purchase if they desired. I would also cross stitch Christmas ornaments when I was in elementary school and sell them at the local bazaar. Creating things in my mind and then watching them become a reality has always been the joy of my life. To later find out as an adult that people would pay for my confections gave me the confidence I needed to start my own hard candy lollipop company in 2012. Read more>>

Christina Marie | Event Planner, Model and Mentor

I pursued a career in event planning because I could create a more accepting, cultural, movement. With my events, they are dynamic, educational, and extremely creative. As funny as it is for me to say it, on a professional level my company is a personal extension of me. The immersive experience I create through Food, Fashion, Fitness and Feelings come from my heart. With the help of local designers, influencers, educators, and businesses, I strive to show people just how transformational and beautiful self love can be. I design fashion shows that showcase authentic beauty for people from all different walks of life. I certainly do pride myself on having my hand in a few different pots, I enjoy having a focused message, but perhaps a few different creations in order to accomplish a particular goal. My events are like a creative mosaic. Read more>>

Josh Hart | Artist & Musician

Choosing this career initially was a tough one since I was at the time so occupied with pursuing a career in sports. What i found though, was throughout the sleepless nights of teaching myself to play instruments and ignoring homework, singing and writing music was so natural to me. It gave me the ability to clear my head and my heart and start to spread stories of hope, heartbreak and healing. To me this was important but it was when I witnessed how it made those who generously took the time to listen feel that I knew this was the one and only path for me. Read more>>

Kristin Heidbreder | Owner and Creator of “Crafty Chassis” a mobile arts and craft truck

I have always had a passion for making art, discovering art, and sharing artistic experiences with friends and family. I strongly believe that all human beings are creative and dynamic. This creativity and imagination is discovered, nurtured and encouraged at a very young age. However, as children grow up in the mainstream school systems and then move on to jobs in corporate settings, the artistic programs and original influences have the tendency to become obsolete. I decided to pursue a career based in the arts because I strongly believe that there is no wrong way to create art! I’m passionate about encouraging people of all ages to find their inner artist. “Crafty Chassis” delivers a fun and engaging DIY art experience to individuals and organizations that is interactive and allows participants to create an original piece of art in a non-intimidating environment. Read more>>

Lacey / Lisa Hamel / Lowrie | Owners, Lace and Lilies

Being an artist and having the ability to create something tangible, is one of the most gratifying aspects of our business. When you get the opportunity to dream big, without any guidelines and take those dreams and create something inspiring from nothing more than your own thoughts…it’s what keeps us going, pushing for success! Read more>>

Christine Borst | Artist, Writer, Aspiring Free Spirit, PhD, Therapist, Professor

Honestly, I really tried not to! I have always considered myself a creative person, but I think I tried to stifle that most of my academic/professional life in favor of something more “serious.” My dad is a very artistic person, and early on I remember hearing the story of how he wanted to become an artist, but his parents told him to do something more lucrative – he became an engineer instead, and only now in retirement has he been able to dive into what he really loves. I was noticing how much energy and effort I was spending making my day job (as a professor) creative – having artistic lectures, fun assignments, and so on. Eventually, the pull towards a creative career became too strong to ignore – I couldn’t be my true self and continue in the career I was in. Read more>>

Anna Ferry | Mum, Maker, Friend, Wife, Daughter

I would not say I have ever pursued a career, if anything I’ve shied away from the idea of having a specific career. My university degree is in Recreational Therapy yet I was initially enrolled in a Graphics Design degree in Melbourne, Australia, where I am from. After traveling overseas and around Australia for a couple of years after high school I decided that I didn’t want to spend my days designing logos on a computer and loved more being with people and the outdoors. Fast forward 6 years I found myself living in Boulder, married, and at home with a 1 year old daughter. I have always loved sewing and repurposing thrift store finds so naturally I began making little girls dresses out of old linen shirts I found, which in short lead to an Etsy store, which lead to local Firefly markets, which lead to exploring women’s styles based on customers feedback, which lead to where I am today. Read more>>

Nicholas Luna | Photographer & Youtuber

I’ve always been creatively tuned, I guess is how I would phrase it. I always enjoyed reading and writing, always tried to find the beauty in the world, and really the best thing for me was to pick up a camera. Real estate photography is really were I do the best, but it pays for my studio space and equipment to run my Youtube Channel, as well as equipment needed for portrait and film work, that fun creative stuff that isn’t always “in demand.” I guess I kinda went off track, really what it was is I have this internal drive to create, I’ve worked as a mechanic, in restaurants, as a cabinet maker, retail, and nothing ever seemed right, everything always felt dull and numb. Creative work always gave me the spark and joy I felt I was missing in part of my life. Read more>>

Jeff Stevens | Artist

I was always drawn to art and design. From a young age I knew I would be the most comfortable doing something in an artistic related field. Currently I’m working in adverting and focusing on developing my fine art practice. Read more>>

Kristi Rose | Owner/Baker

I have always loved being creative. When I entered college I went to school for interior design and I worked in the industry for a bit before my husband and I had our first child. I have always pursued creative things such as painting, sewing, and crafting. With my business I feel like I have combined my love for baking and my love for design. I love what I do and I love my customers who give me the opportunity to express myself through baking! Read more>>

Paulo Jimenez | Artist

From an early age I’ve always been interested in the way I can communicate in a universal language. Images can transform people’s views and also reflect the artist’s unconscious, that can reveal many things that are necessary for growth. Read more>>

Rochelle Johnson | Contemporary Painter

I pursued an artistic career because it calmed my world. I remember starting college as a computer science major. Taking an art class relaxed me and I did not want to give up that feeling. Read more>>