There are so many factors that can play a role in determining our results, performance and ultimately our success, but some factors matter more than others. We asked folks what they felt was the most important factor driving their success.

Erin Stock | Property Manager

My definition of success is ever-changing. When I first started my company, success was being able to pay my bills and feed myself with the money left over. After some growth, success looked like finding employees and lessening my work load. Today, success is my clients being happy with the services we provide them, and my employees feeling empowered to work independently towards a common goal. Their wins are mine as well. Read more>>

Natalie Allen | Esthetician

The most important factor behind my success is my passion I have for my career and my drive to provide the best customer service I possibly can. I am successful because my character and genuineness shine through my enthusiasm to create a safe place where people feel welcomed and comfortable; I know that transpires into my work and I take pride in that. I am confident in my skills, I have a deep love for continuing my education and learning, and I have a natural ability of conversation. All of these things combined lead me to be successful but the shining star for me is the atmosphere that I create inside my treatment room. Read more>>

Katie Lynch | Owner of Kate + Grace Boutique (Online women’s clothing boutique)

First and foremost being passionate is the key. I’m 4 years in and still feel just as excited about the clothes I carry and the community that follows Kate + Grace. But the true passion stems from my #bringjoy mission. I have a partnership with Marisol Services and donate brand new clothes to women in need. Some of these women are new moms, most are struggling with homelessness and others are trying to get on their feet again. Providing new clothes for these women dignify them and care for them in moments of struggle. Read more>>

Amanda Woodson | Photographer

The single most important factor behind my success, is family – whether that be my own or those of my clients. My family helped me land on the path of photography, and my clients and their families keep me on this career path. Without the support, love, and togetherness that comes with it, none of this would be possible and I would have little to give in the photography world. Read more>>

Bobbi Bicigo | Floral Designer

Authenticity. Being authentic and true to yourself and what you create yields the best version of yourself to reflect your brand. I stay true to what inspires me and design through my heart. I want my customers to feel the love put into each piece I create. Whether is a huge wedding or a $10 petite bouquet, it’s all about designing with intention. Read more>>

Matthew McCune | Bankruptcy Attorney

McCune Legal- Bankruptcy Law As a small business owner, it’s a bit hard to think about what my professional “brand” is. However, I know that all businesses, no matter how small, do in fact have a brand that hopefully highlights one or more positive aspects of the business. My brand is tied to helping people move forward in a crisis. Read more>>

Jennifer Wedeking | Manufacturer and Designer of the world’s best mats

As the owner of Splatmat Ltd in Boulder Colorado, I would say owning a small business is “its’ own success!” What made us successful is the introduction of a product which is durable, sustainable and very diverse. Our mats can be used anywhere there is a mess being made, from working on vehicles to messy barbecue grills, painting projects or even for underneath cat litter boxes, dog bowls and for children who love to craft. Read more>>

Alexis McCloskey | Life and Mindset Direction Coach

Authenticity, consistency, and patience. And doing all of these things despite fear or having the desire. I think showing up as the most authentic version of myself is what attracts people to not only my social media, but to work with me. I am the SAME exact human in person, as I am on social media and I think other people want to know what that feels like. So if I can be vulnerable and be myself, it gives others the confidence and courage to do the same. Read more>>

Andrew Diaz | Shaved Ice Artist

The most important factor is providing a quality product and experience that customers will want to come back for. I want to make sure that your best experience with us will be duplicated again in the future. Read more>>

Ella Weingart | Brand and Web Designer

This is sort of a funny question to answer because I think it varies depending on your definition of success! Right now my business is in a slow season – one that wouldn’t seem “successful” perhaps to somebody that’s raking in consistent profit. But for me, in this season, success looks like showing up and working hard every day despite the nagging fear that I’m going to fail. Read more>>