Are you thinking about starting a business? If so, we think you’ll enjoy reading about how these seasoned entrepreneurs thought about the question when they were in your shoes.

Liz Gould | Silversmith & Owner of Rusty Creek Designs

I never had any intentions of starting a business at the beginning of my silversmithing journey. After Christmas in 2018, my husband, Cody, and I were driving down to Golden, Colorado and I was scrolling on Instagram and the idea hit me… I could make Sterling Silver and Turquoise Jewelry. I had always had a love for rocks since I was a kid, but the thought of being a silversmith had never crossed my mind. I turned to Cody and said, “I am going to need you to build me a bench!”. He thought I was crazy, but I had my mind set that I was going to teach myself how to make jewelry. Read more>>

Chase Perry | Head Brewer & Owner

I wanted to start my own business because I was reaching a point in my career where if I wanted to grow professionally/personally I needed to take a leap. An opportunity presented itself and I didn’t want to be left thinking “what if”. I’m happy that I had a great group and friends and family that encouraged me. Read more>>

Tsuzuki Kanaoka | Pastry Chef & Business Owner

I’ve always wanted to start my own business, it was just a matter of when. After I left my job in Boston, moved back to Denver, and worked for a couple months as a freelancer, I did think about going back to the corporate world. I just thought it was time to start something new again. So I started looking for jobs online, but there weren’t any jobs that really excited me. So then I thought, if there aren’t anything that I want to do in the corporate world but I do know that I want to start my business, why not just do the latter? Read more>>

Kelly Hutchison | Veterinarian, Certified Canine Rehabilitation Therapist and Veterinary Medical Acupuncturist

After more than 10 years as a primary care veterinarian, I felt a lack of satisfaction in the level of care I was able to provide my senior animals. The high-paced speed of general practice within a traditional brick and mortar setting often left me feeling as though my senior patients and their owners weren’t receiving the level of care that I wanted to give them. These patients usually came into the appointment with more than one medical condition that affected their quality of life, multiple medications with a variety of side effects that often played off each other, Read more>>

Jessa Kocher | Veterinarian & Hospital Owner

My thought process for starting my own business stemmed from me absolutely LOVING the work I do but from discontent with my profession as a whole. In the veterinary profession there are two current major “problems”: 1. Mental health and suicide rates are very high – something like 2-3 times that of any other profession. Amazing doctors and competent and confident support staff are literally fleeing the profession to save their own life. Read more>>

Jennifer Shneidman | Newborn Photographer

Honestly, I’m the type of person who needs to be told what to do. I was never a leader in anything I did. I didn’t know how to start projects, I just knew how to be a part of them. I never envisioned myself having my own business. Somehow, my photography business just happened. It all started when I began posting photos of my daughter online to share with friends and family. We’re a military family, so connecting via social media is so important. One day, an acquaintance asked if I wanted to take photos of her newborn. Of course, I panicked. I was no photographer, but I took a chance. Read more>>

Juliette Bodenchuk | Tattooer and painter

As soon as I began my tattoo apprenticeship, I knew this was it for me career-wise. While in my apprenticeship, I was dreaming of creating my own space to tattoo, one in which everyone felt safe and respected. In every industry I’ve worked, I have experienced some level of harassment, ranging from minor to major. In my experience as a tattoo client, I have not always felt safe. Despite the challenges that do exist in the industry (and, let’s be honest, every industry), Read more>>

Heather Goodwine | Cake Artist

I’ve always loved baking because it seems a little like magic to me. All you have to do is combine 5 or 6 average ingredients, apply heat, and voilà delicious baked goods. Baking also appeals to me because it is a precise science, and following and tweaking recipes is also right up my alley. I also live in a rural area where the winter can seem very long, so baking is something that I like to do during this time of the year. So, in the winter of 2019, I was bored and decided to bake a cake, and just thought, “I wonder if there is any cake decorating information on Instagram.” Read more>>

Brandi Martinez | Owner and Stylist

I have always loved the beauty industry, though a few years into my job at a traditional salon, I developed an allergy to the chemicals used to color hair. I knew I could never leave the industry entirely, so I desired to create an environment that was safe for not only me, but also my clients. With that, I create Blush, a dry bar salon that focuses on the quality of products and services such as styling, makeup application, lash extensions, lash tinting, and waxing. Read more>>

Liz Polanco | Liz Polanco | Animal Communicator, Connection based horse riding lessons, and Equine Massus

My thought process behind starting my own business started when I finished my schooling in Equine massage level 2 at the Rocky Mountain School of Animal Acupressure and Massage. I had previous certification in Therapeutic riding Through PATH Int. as well as having gone to school in Boulder Psychic Horizons Center, learning how to manage my psychic abilities and animal communication for 3 years. The barn where I had been teaching Therapeutic riding for over 12 years was getting sold in October 2019. It truly was the perfect time to me to go ahead and start my own buisness. Then 2020 happened. Read more>>

Chelsea Scott | Financial Planner for Real Estate Investors

The road to entrepreneurship can be a daunting one filled with pitfalls and unexpected turns. It is also one that requires an excessive amount of adaptability. If you are thinking about starting your own entrepreneurial venture, I strongly recommend making yourself a pros and cons list to help you with your decision. I decided to go out on my own at the end of 2019. What was my mindset when making this choice? Simply put, I believed deeply that I was capable of doing it on my own. Read more>>

Bex Williams | Boudoir Photographer

After my first son, I struggled to return to my 9-5. I would have to wake up at 4:00 in the morning to pump, commute to Denver, work a ten-hour day, drive home in rush hour, and then spend 1-2 hours with my baby before putting him down for the night. I cried on my way to the office every single day. I read David Goggins’s “Can’t Hurt Me,” and I realized I had two choices: get over it or do something about it. We had family photos done one year, and our photographer was a mom of two young kids. When I found out how much she charged, I was impressed that photography could be such a lucrative “side hustle” for a mom. Read more>>

Chris Dasbach | Software developer, business owner

When I’m old and dying will I regret not trying this? Yes, I will. Read more>>

AIDAS ANCERAVICIUS | Motorcycle Master Tech

I began riding mini motorcycles and scooters when I was six years old. At age nine, my parents and sponsors bought me my first dirt bike which I used to join a Lithuanian Motocross team in my country of origin. Despite the size of the dirt bike, 125cc 2 stroke old Czech Republic CZ motorcycle, it was all I needed to pursue my career and fuel my love for motorcycles. I was the youngest racer in the nation. My feet could hardly reach the ground while sitting on my new motorcycle (over a foot short from the ground). Read more>>

Miranda Yenne | Waffle Cart Operator & Teacher

After taking some business classes at our local college, I realized I would learn much more about business by actually running one. I first saw bubble waffles while on a trip to Switzerland, and thought it would be fun to bring them back to the states. The combination of taking those clases and my trip lead me to starting Mira’s Waffles. Read more>>

Owen Murphy | Illustrator

For one, my dad was self employed for most of my life. As an artist himself with a hustler mentality he figured out several ways to make a living while being artistic as well as doing the grind work to pay bills and put food on the table. Watching him do that absolutely made an impact on me. While I attended community college in South Jersey, I worked as a delivery driver at a local pizza place. I can’t remember why my boss said this but he looked at me and said, “If you can work for yourself, do it. Don’t end up working for some schmuck like me for the rest of your life.” I thought he was an admirable guy and that advice stuck with me. Once I started at Salisbury University, my professors guided me into illustration. Read more>>

Abby Rosenblum | CEO of Disrupticity

Disrupticity came to be when Andy Petek had an idea, and knew that we needed to partner up to make it a reality! Publicity for entrepreneurs and small business owners can see out of reach. That’s what we both have experienced running our own businesses for many years. Having the clout of your publicist reaching out is invaluable when you’re a small operation. While looking at Andy’s experience product development, marketing and podcasting; and my experience in television, production and matchmaking — it was a no-brainer! We put our skills together to bring Disrupticity to life, and to disrupt the world of publicity and public relations. Read more>>

Samuel Czvitkovits | Managing Director

At first, I wanted it to be the vessel that allowed me to move back to the US after I graduated from school. I had a strong connection here and it felt like I was in the right place but I knew to come back that I would either have to work at another firm, or figure out how to get back here through my own business and that’s ultimately the way I went. Read more>>

Nick Ayala | Vintage Store Owner

I’ve always had a strong entrepreneurial spirit. When I am passionate about something, I start to collect it. As a child, I learned that sometimes these collections would be valuable. A lot of my peers at the time would hold onto their collectibles, but I would sell my items usually at the peak of their craze. I sold countless items from Pokémon cards to beanie babies, and I have a distinct memory of selling a holographic charizard Pokémon card for $600 in third grade. Always having this entrepreneurial spirit, it was a no brainer that I open a store to sell what I was passionate about after college. Read more>>

Bruce Kronenberg | Voiceover Instructor

My partner and I wanted to provide a personalized and trustworthy place where aspiring and professional voiceover artists could learn more about the skill and craft and equip themselves with the right tools to build a career. Read more>>

Nidia Ruiz | Spice Alchemist

I strongly believe that God filled me with a lot of dreams, and it was my responsibility to take the first step towards them. Going into my business full time was definitely stepping out of my comfort zone, but at the same time it was one of the greatest first steps in my life. Read more>>

Avery Cegielski | Owner of Hanger’s Haven Boutique

I have always wanted to take on the role of becoming an entrepreneur. As a kid I was constantly making up new businesses I could pursue. Whether that was dog washing in the summer, custom scarfs and blankets in the winter, or lemonade stands. Owning my own business has always been a huge dream of mine. I grew up with my dad showing me what it took to open and manage a business and it really locked in that desire for my future self. Read more>>

Iffie Jennings | Founder of The Kindness Network

Hi, my name is Iffie Jennings-I am the wife of a 17-year army veteran, mom of 3 beautiful boys, a sister, daughter, friend, and a kindness enthusiast. After the tragic loss of a parent, I learned the importance and the healing power of kindness through words and everyday actions. It was my aunt and uncle’s (who I lovingly call mom and dad) words of encouragement, meeting my basic needs through providing clothes, meals, and a safe home, that started the healing process after such a tragic loss. As I reflect on this time, those simple everyday actions helped me through that difficult time. Read more>>

Kellyn Van Laere | Massage Therapist Practice Owner

I had been a massage therapist for 7 years when I made the move to start my own practice. After graduating from Massage School, I worked for the graduate clinic at my school and had a stint at Massage Envy, as most new therapists get into. Then ended up finding a great opportunity working for a new chiropractic office in Denver. It took a little time to get some real momentum going with a clientele base, but I was going back to school for an additional year of training, so it all worked out in my favor to have the flexibility for school but yet still working on making my mark. Read more>>

Kristen & KC Larson | Business Owners & Makers

Our small business originally began by making a few wooden signs as Christmas gifts for some friends and family. We really enjoyed making these signs and thought it would be a fun adventure to start a small business taking custom orders for wooden signs and apparel- thus, 8-11 Designs was born. We build this brand through social media and word of mouth. We took great pride in the work we created and the joy that it brought other people. Read more>>

Amber Gates | Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner

The thought process behind starting your own business Curantis: Latin for Caregiver It is always eye-opening when one looks back on where they are at any point in their life, and they can see how all the pieces came together to allow them to be right where they are meant to be. Much of the reason for me starting my practice, Curantis Wellness, was the experiences I had while traversing the mental health system as a patient. Stepping back, I reflected on how I struggled through and/or excelled with challenges personally and professionally and took that knowledge to provide to others what I wish I had. Read more>>

Tabby Halsrud | Spiritual Guide and Relationship Coach

After working in “Corporate America” for much of my life, I knew a change was needed. I wanted to have more flexibility in when, where, and how I worked. But more importantly, I wanted to create a job that got me out of bed in the morning and fulfilled me. Working for other people, we are often moving someone else’s vision forward and not necessarily our own. We often have to spend a substantial amount of time doing things that don’t really light us up all that much. Having my own business allows me to create a work environment that brings joy and enrichment to my life, aligns with my life purpose, and in which I can help others move toward a better future for themselves, too. Read more>>

Micah Parkin | Executive Director and a Founder of 350 Colorado

I founded the nonprofit organization 350 Colorado in 2013 because I am incredibly concerned about the serious impacts of the climate crisis and feel a deep sense of responsibility to do something about it and provide others with ways to take action. Read more>>

Roderick harris | Fashion Designer/CEO

Honestly I couldn’t find alot of clothes I liked. I wanted something that was more than a t shirt or a hoodie. I wanted something that nobody seen before, Something so new, with a real meaning behind a brand. Bring back the street art. Read more>>

Natriece Spicer | Author, Life Coach

I wanted to answer the demands of my community and fill the needs I had and couldn’t find assistance for in my developmental adult years. Read more>>