One of the most rewarding things about getting to know so many entrepreneurs is seeing first-hand how many of them are focused on so much more than just financial results. So many of the folks we connect with are focused on having a positive social impact on their community or the world at large. Check out some of these amazing folks below.

Tricia Maher | proprietor

At somebody people we strive to work towards our zero waste initiative, supporting farmers who have sustainable practices, and promote staff well being. at the beginning of covid, we started a free, weekly organic produce box for people who live in affordable housing within our community. we work with scraps mile high to compost food scraps, and have implemented a tiffin-return system to help minimize single use take out containers. Read more>>

Amelia Kauffman | Owner of Selkskin Nutrition and Food Justice Advocate

Food justice is a core value at Selkskin Nutrition. My nutrition work in Colorado is greatly inspired by The GrowHaus in Denver. They say “Healthy food is a right, not a privilege“ This is my philosophy as well. I am also in support of Ali Duncan of Urban Sanctuary a non-profit in Denver, Colorado. She is a yoga instructor who incorporates social justice into every fiber of her healing work. Healing and social justice cannot be separated. My approach to Nutrition is Chinese medicine inspired. Bring who you are to the table each day and to each nutrition session with me. I want you to be able to cook the food from where you grew up (if that’s in your heart). We will not take the flavor, your roots, or who you are out of the food. We can use local, healthy ingredients and keep the value of your ancestral knowledge intact. Read more>>

Darren Kramer | Music Producer, Educator & Host of STX Podcast

Sonic Tonic Experience is a music collaboration and wellness podcast with world-class musicians. In fact, it is much more than an just a recorded interview! Each weekly episode is a 60-80min video documentary that includes a musician biography, a songwriting/music production masterclass, a health & wellness seminar, and an environmental awareness event— all in one! This powerful Sonic Tonic Experience is intended to inspire and educate people all around the world to each become a fundamental ingredient in the global recipe to heal the planet – by learning to be present and live in harmony with the earth, as well as with one another. I’ve been a musician my entire life, and I still love music as much today as I ever have. And being from Colorado, I’ve always loved the mountains, and nature, and just being outdoors to explore, or exercise, or just to have fun taking vibrant photos of landscapes and wildlife. Read more>>

Paige Briscoe | your chill plant friend

Our industry revolves around nature and plants. The whole reason we have houseplants in our home is to connect, tend and grow with them and as we say at ReRoot, connect with your plants, connect with yourself. We truly believe that when we tend to our plants and bring nature into our home, we are creating deeper connections with ourselves, after all, animals and humans were born from nature. When people come into our shop or connect with us online, they know that they can count on us to provide them with not only inspiration and “magically chill plants” but also that we are their friend, here to guide them through the connection with nature and plants. Plants feel like home and we are here to be a catalyst on that journey of discovery. Read more>>

Rachel Waugh | Founder & Director of the Museum of Food and Culture

A museum is not necessarily what you would think of as a changemaking organization. Museums document and preserve, but they have traditionally been very selective about what they document and preserve. The Museum of Food and Culture is part of a new wave of museums that value diversity and equity from the top down. Museums that encourage contributing your own story and interacting with the content. At the Museum, we believe that food can teach us more about who we are, where we’ve come from, and where we are going. It is also a great tool for learning about histories and cultures different from our own. Our events have and will approach food from different angles and relating the main theme back to peoples’ lives. The intention is to have people interact with the content (yes, that means there are moments for eating), connect with each other, to participate and share their food stories, and to learn a little more about why we eat the way we do … or don’t. Read more>>

Rachel Mahloch | AKA Battle Mom, Founder of Battle Woman and Battle Girl Self Defense

Woman ® Self Defense. Derived from my diverse background and life experience, I created a live and digital self-defense program for women, that uses a unique method incorporating breathing and visualization to grow strength, confidence, and awareness. Everyone agrees that the solution to gender-based violence is prevention, but I have yet to see any organized, results driven solutions that are scalable, and developed by a woman designed specifically with women in mind. Battle Girl Self Defense introduces young girls to basic personal safety concepts like self-awareness and the importance of using your voice to set boundaries; what I like to call internal skills. Battle Woman ® is an extension of Battle Girl and offers women strategies for managing those confrontations that occur in daily life.
Both programs provide the opportunity to practice and develop technical skills that will enhance and support the internal skills. Read more>>

John Espinosa | Owner of Full Circle Yoga

Yoga in general can be a powerful tool for the people that are willing to put the work in. Physically speaking, our society feels a lot of discomfort and tightness. I see it everyday. Tight neck and shoulders, bad lower back pain, tight hamstrings, etc. For most of us, we spend all day driving or at sitting at a desk. Humans aren’t designed for that. Asana (the physical practice of yoga) helps us to counter that. Yoga allows us to find our joint mobility, lengthen our tight muscles and strengthen our weaker muscles. Besides the physical benefits, yoga also offers a lot for our mind. When you are on the mat, you are learning to bring awareness to your body. Read more>>

Lauren Chessmore | Professional Organizer and Clutter Coach

Our business not only helps create calm and more importantly function and grace into our clients’ spaces but on the back end we work with local nonprofits to make sure the items that are edited out our clients’ collections go back into the community. Foster kids needing household items for example can make huge impact in one person’s life, the homeless getting blankets and clothing ect…. We make sure we have the opportunity to create that impact with where most of our donations go. Read more>>

Angelique Scott | Jewelry designer & Artivist (one who uses their artistry as activism & social reform)

The 489 Collection is an accessory line designed to celebrate the black woman for all she is and what she brings to the world. As the founder and CEO I myself being a black woman in America know that in a lot of spaces and places we are asked to “tone it down.” in regards to self-expression especially concerning our hairstyles. To be told that the hair that naturally grows out of your head is “wrong” or “unprofessional” is demoralizing and unfair. In 2020 passed The Crown Act “This bill prohibits discrimination based on a person’s hair texture or hairstyle if that style or texture is commonly associated with a particular race or national origin.” This legislation came on the heels of several lawsuits from black professionals who were banned, fired, or reprimanded in the workplace simply for refusing to straighten or cut their hair from it’s natural God-given state. Read more>>

Bailey Moman | Apparel Decoration, Signs, Laser Engraving, Promo Products and More!

When I started Royal B Threads, I was used to sitting on the other side of the table. My first experience with decorated apparel – I was diagnosed with diabetes, and doing a fundraiser walk. We wanted to do Bailey’s Walking Angel shirts. Let me tell you… we had no idea what we were doing for shirts and the company was AMAZING. We went to that walk, as a loud and proud team, having raised 25k for JDRF. In that moment, it was amazing just how much a t shirt could change one moment or day in a life. Little did I know then… what I would grow, starting Royal B Threads. In 2020, we really pushed our slogan – Your Vision, Our Passion. So many small biz were hurting – and when we could help them with floor graphics – banners – to go bags – to see their smile and glimmer of hope to keep their business going – changed the moment or the day for so many people. Read more>>

Sydney Leach | Birth Doula

Birth work is one of the most impactful ways to help both the community and the larger world. A friend and I were talking recently about the cycle of empowerment, which struck me as an amazing way of thinking about the effect of our work. The idea is this: empowering a birthing person through their birth leads to a positive experience. They talk to their child about this experience and plant seeds of empowerment in their heads. That child goes through life with that love and joy from their parent’s birth experience, holding it until they choose to give birth. Then those seeds bloom, contributing to an empowering birth that’s passed through the generations. This also contributes to a happier and more present parent, more affirmative feelings aimed at the child, and a generally fulfilling experience. Read more>>

Nadeen Beckett | Furniture Artist and Small Business Owner

America has become a “throw away” society. The cost of manufacturing a brand new toaster is cheaper than getting a toaster repaired. Think about our landfills and how many “fixable” things that we either don’t want anymore or just don’t know how to fix are sitting there. The same can be said of furniture. However, the quality of furniture 100 years ago was such that a lot of antiques or vintage pieces are still structurally sound today. Scuffed, scratched, scraped, drying a bit? Sure. 95% of these pieces are stained a dark brown and don’t fit with today’s style. Many donate to a thrift store but a lot of people just break them down and throw them away. That’s where I come in. My mission is to save one treasure at a time by repairing, painting and embellishing each piece so that it makes a statement in any room! These pieces CAN become relevant again with a little elbow grease and a lot of love. Read more>>

Ashley Berry | Artist & Educator

I am interested in the topic of self-preservation and honoring of self through art. I am a true believer in the power of art as medicine, and I also believe it should be accessible to all people. My art is intended to help you see the energetic beauty within people and our environments. At the core, all things in nature hold a beautiful essence, and it is necessary for you to see yours before you can see and understand the humanity in others. My art challenges you to do this- see beyond the surface into the calm and beautiful energy that exists all around us. When we as a collective practice this technique on a regular basis, we can begin making some powerful changes in the world. We can see beyond biases and view each other as equals, we can be more receptive to our differences and celebrate the beautiful uniqueness that each of us offer to this world. I imagine a world where all ethnicities, colors, and cultures of people are honored under this notion- our hearts being fully open and awake to these energies. Read more>>

SUSAN JACOBSEN | Art Therapist, Professional Counselor and loss mom

When I started Henry’s Heart Art Therapy my primary goal was to have an impact on the world of grief, loss and trauma. Having lost a baby, my son Henry to HELLP Syndrome when I was 37 weeks pregnant, I wanted to create a safe space for grief and trauma as it relates to infant loss. At the time that we lost Henry there was very little available for this specific type of loss. I had been a therapist for 12 years before my loss. I felt that I not only had the personal experience to draw on, but the professional training as well. Many client will tell me that they are grateful for the space that I provide because many people are not comfortable or don’t truly understand what they are going through in the midst of loss. I also want to support those who become pregnant after a loss. It is a unique situation in which your joy is also a reminder of what you have lost. Women, and men, need to have a safe place to explore this complex set of emotions. Read more>>

Gertie Harris | Founder and CEO of Fireside at Five

Our mission with Fireside at Five has always been to make people more intentional. We strive to make people more intentional with their relationships, their communication, their work, and their roles in the community at large. We believe that through intentional placemaking, community-driven programming, and impactful activation, we can build a more sustainable and inclusive city for all of us. One of the ways we do this is by partnering with a lot of grassroots organizers, creatives, small businesses, and community leaders for our projects and Series. Most of the events we put on are centered around supporting local brands, working collaboratively with people in the community, educating about important issues or historical legacies, and driving impact back to the neighborhoods that we’re working within. Read more>>

Nathan Wiersum | Food Truck Owner/Operator

We started the business right before the pandemic kicked off. As it stands, we didn’t truly get started until July of 2020. The reason this matters for how we help the community and the world at large is that we are able to offer jobs when many other businesses shut down. We also use only sustainable products on the food truck. Meaning, we have no single use plastic. All of our to go boxes are biodegradable and recycled materials, down to our wood forks. We have also been known to feed homeless people or people without the ability to purchase a meal for themselves. Sometimes you just have to do the right thing even if it costs a little extra money. I’m particularly happy that we were able to commit and follow through with this in our first year of business. Read more>>

Natha Campanella | Professional Astrologer

It’s not exactly easy to be a human in the world right now, and from an astrological perspective, it’s obvious that we’re in a cycle of transformation. Just like a splinter that’s been under the skin, irritating but invisible, we each have deeply personal emotional splinters buried within us. As these emotions rise to the surface, as they inevitably will in the midst of a spiritual/emotional awakening, they bring up doubt, questions and confusion. These are the very things that lead people to me, wanting to explore these questions through the lens of astrology. Helping people understand their histories, emotional reactions and life purpose is the whole point of an astrology reading with me. Any change you wish to see in the world must begin on a very personal level, and I help people get clarity on what that means for them. Read more>>

Ross Pullen | Vegan Restaurant Owner & Chef

Each month Jackbeque offers contributions to a local non-profit or direct support by donating a portion of sales when customers use a designated coupon code. I believe it’s important to select an organization that is transparent & actively involved with local efforts to improve our community. Read more>>

Darla Evon | Best Selling Author, Life Mastery Consultant, International Speaker, Heart Math Facilitator, NLP Master Practitioner

I believe we live in a world where we live in harmony with our heart. I bring my whole heart movement to life by empowering others to get in alignment with what really matters, their heart’s message and intelligence. I speak and coach with audiences about resiliency, thriving through transitions, and transformational healing. Teaching others the tools to create a life they love living, accelerating their results, and thus creating richer and more fulfilling lives is why I do what I do. In a time of division, we can rewrite how we show up in the face of disagreement or crisis and it all starts with expanding our heart. Something evolutionary happens when someone wants to choose hate, rejection and blame, and instead chooses love and acceptance. Love is the door to connection, productive conversation and people coming together to create real solutions. Read more>>

Jessica Crothers | Co-founder and CCO

We believe that all parents should have access to high quality gear for their children and be able to find the products they want at a price they are able to pay. We make the circular economy an easy option for anyone that wants to participate. And who wouldn’t want to participate if it was truly easy!? Selling items you no longer need used to require taking pictures, researching a fair price, messaging with strangers, coordinating a time to meet, hoping the person shows up, and repeating all that for the 10+ items your child just outgrew. We knew there had to be a better way for busy families to keep their good gear going around. On the flip side, finding the quality gear your child needs for each stage of development is time consuming and expensive. By providing safe and easy access to quality, second hand items, ALL families can feel good about extending the life of gear. Read more>>

Rebecca Todd | Commercial Photographer & Environmental Advocate

My commercial photography business, TruBlu Images , focuses on working with brands and organizations that have a mission of helping their communities and the environment. We create photographs that bring awareness to an environmental issue or cause in the local community. Read more>>

Tiffany Skidmore | Holistic Life Coach

My coaching work is all about helping people escape negative thought spirals that take up space in their minds, consume their energy, and push pause on their life and goals. In the modern world, many of us spend so much time and energy feeling anxious, self-critical, and powerless. My passion in the world is to help people free themselves of their thought spirals, paralyzing negative emotion, and self-critic — so they have space for more connection, freedom, and contribution. I believe that the more people who are able to step into their power and take meaningful action on their soul paths, the better the world becomes. By letting go of unhelpful thought loops, relating to emotions more effectively, and nourishing a healthy relationship with self, my clients are more available and capable of connecting deeply in their communities, creating great contributions, and living with more lightness and freedom. Read more>>

Sosamma Samuel-Burnett | Founder/President, G.L.O.B.A.L. Justice; Human Rights Advocate

G.L.O.B.A.L. Justice is an international nonprofit organization that is dedicated to serving as a resource to community members, advocacy organizations, and educational institutions in the pursuit of justice. Our Vision is to inform, impact, and inspire the generations to learn, lead, and do justice together. We are focused on creative, collaborative, and ethical approaches to addressing injustices around the world. We provide a range of information and opportunities for individuals and groups o learn about justice & human rights issues and to engage in ways to make a positive impact on local, national, and international communities. Read more>>

Preston Slaughter and Kelsey Brown | Preston Slaughter | Yoga Instructor and Photographer and Kelsey Brown | Yoga Instructor and Marketing Consultant

Two of our values at Awaken Retreats are community and reciprocity. On our retreats, we become family. From intention-setting circles, to group dinners and clearing our own plates, everyone becomes part of the experience. Being part of a community has positive effects on mental health and emotional wellbeing. As human beings, we desire a true sense of belonging and social connection. Through group activities like yoga, ecstatic dance, hiking and even cold plunges, we expose our most authentic selves, create a space where healing and inspiration thrive. Everyone belongs in the Awaken community. Through community connection, we receive. An essential element of many indigenous cultures is the reciprocal relationship between humanity and nature. This means that when we take gifts given to us by nature, we should reciprocate the gift in the form of gratitude or giving back. A percentage of all tickets sold are donated to a local organization to give back to the resources we use. We practice ‘leave no trace’ principles, and do our best to take only what we need and nothing more. Read more>>

Justin Keu | Fine Art Photographer

In 2018 I started the Long Shutter Project, an extension of my work with the purpose of giving back. The body of work within the Long Shutter Project donates a portion of sales to causes that are important to me. Currently, I’m partnered with the Muscular Dystrophy Association but have plans to expand to other causes in the future. Read more>>

Danielle Edwards | Podcast Co-Host & Law Student

Paths to Purpose is a weekly podcast designed to help people learn how to find intrinsic purpose, consider creative career projects that have impact, and find people with whom they can collaborate who gate-keep more meaningful career opportunities. We host conversations with inspirational people who have found the courage to trek off-path for purpose. I created Paths to Purpose after working with my mentor and co-host, Alan Jagolinzer, to find my own purpose filled career. I met Alan five years ago when I was an undergraduate at the University of Colorado, and I had no idea how to turn my passion for human rights advocacy into a career. Alan’s approach to finding a career was unlike anything I had experienced before – it completely flipped the script on what things to consider and prioritize when choosing a career. Read more>>

Jessica Havens | Designer & Owner

Well, the social impact of Core-azón Designs is mostly a cultural, spiritual one. We’re committed to U.N.I.T.Y. across peoples and as part of that, we are unapologetically pro-Black/ Queer / Woman / Indigenous / Liberation & Freedom…. ALL that and then some. Through our shirts (and future parties), we hope to connect and uplift people through positivity, music and dance. Read more>>

Frances Kelley | Professional Boudoir Photographer

As a professional boudoir photographer, I am in the business of empowering women. My mission at RISE Boudoir is centered around lifting women up and helping them see themselves as the magnificent, magnetic, magical and powerful creatures that they inherently are. The women’s right movement continues to press on all over the world. In 2021 what that means for me is doing my part to help combat the rampant body dis morphia and severe worthiness issues that women face in our culture of perfection in every aspect of our existence. Social media and the barrage of images we are faced with (literally thousands per day) is doing more damage to the psyche of women, both young and old, now, perhaps more than ever before in history. Read more>>

Ashlea Skiles | BIPOC Yoga Teacher, Educator, & Regional Partner with the Multilingual Education Department at Denver Public Schools

There are many crossroads on a person’s life journey, Successes and hardships. Wins and fails. Loves and losses. On my personal journey, I’ve consistently found solace, safety, and resilience on my yoga mat. It is this solace–this space to sit, lie, breathe, move, sweat, surrender, and move that compelled me to become a yoga teacher, so that I could share this special gift with as many Black and Brown people as possible. Equity and liberatory practices have always been both top of mind and heart, so I knew I had to become a part of nurturing a community of yoga practitioners (comprised of partners, allies, accomplices) who share a vision of yoga as a form of radical self-care and social justice. A community who practices yoga as a form of resistance, as well as a method for healing the mental, emotional, and spiritual body. Whenever possible, we practice out in nature. Connecting with and caring for the earth is a large part of yogic philosophy, so it’s important that we ground and connect with Mother Earth-energy. Read more>>

Tara Furey | Floor Manager

Old Firehouse Books helps the community by providing a third space for engagement and entertainment. We host author events and sell a variety of reading material to appeal to all members of our community. Read more>>

Sarah Bayles | Dog Trainer with Kathy Santo Dog Training

At Kathy Santo Dog Training, our goal is to help families create the dog that everyone loves to have around! We want dogs to stay WITH their families, and to do that, we help solve behaviors ranging from minor, nuisance behaviors (puppy mouthing or biting, barking, pulling on a leash, digging, etc) to more complex behavioral issues such as separation anxiety, reactivity, aggression, resource guarding, and multi-dog household issues. We’ve seen an influx of “Pandemic Puppies” during the past year, and we’re deeply committed to help educate all dog and puppy owners about how to train their canine best friend!. Read more>>

Callie Cavanaugh | Nonna Eats Founder & CEO

After many years in the food industry, I observed the lack of sustainability on all fronts. Chefs were working long hours for little pay, owners were profiting minimally, if anything, and the amount of waste was astonishing. I knew when chefs were given autonomy in what they cooked, the food was substantially better. I sought out to design a system in which chefs were able to cook what they want, when they want, using the highest quality ingredients in order to support the health of our bodies and the planet. Our chefs are happier, not only by tapping into the art of cooking, but also by serving their diners directly. They are able to feel the appreciation and gratitude of each dish that is served. Diners are also able to feel the love put into each plate. Our chefs know how many diners they are serving, so there is little to no food waste. Read more>>