There are so many factors that can play a role in determining our results, performance and ultimately our success, but some factors matter more than others. We asked folks what they felt was the most important factor driving their success.

Lauren & Cristina Korba-Deere | Coffee Roaster & Small Business Owners

I would say that the most important factor behind our success was our decision to keep our business small and intimate. We have never been the best sales or marketing gurus but what we have done is create a community. We cultivated a following of like minded individuals who are passionate about the same things we are. We always wanted our business to be something that we didn’t have to force or have to push on people so we set the intention of creating delicious coffee while supporting women and bringing out important words like Empathy, Compassion, Patience, Kindness and Love which I think we could all use a little dose of these days. We value our work life balance and we value our customers like family. This is very important to us. Read more>>

Becca Schepps | CEO

One of our core values at Mortal is – “Find a way to ‘Yes.’” I really don’t believe in impossible – I think there’s always a way to rejigger, rework or reimagine a problem or a situation to find a creative solution. This idea of – it has to be possible – has been with me always – even as a kid. I just always thought I could make it (whatever it is) happen. And now, as a business owner going into a very competitive and crowded space like beverage you have to believe in ‘possible.’ You hear so much negativity about how hard it’s going to be, or how many brands fail, how it’ll just never happen without this or that, and the odds are against you. I think the key is to understand the why behind what people ar saying – and then figure out creative ways through. This is how have been able to differentiate ourselves as a brand, find success at retail and it has allowed us to keep growing and expanding, especially throughout the pandemic. Read more>>

Zhanna Bayerman | Music Teacher and Music Composer

I think the reason for the success of my brand is my passion for music from the young age of 5. Before I went to bed every night I would daydream about singing and dance on stage this is what initially lead to pursing music professionally. My mother recognized my passion and secured me a singing audition with the director of the school at a prestige new music school in Minsk, Belarus. I was one of the few students admitted to the music program for 1o years. Exposure and my formal education from a young age are what make teaching and composing music second nature to me. Read more>>

Brennen and Lauren Salz | REALTOR, Salz Home Solutions Team

Brennen and I chose to go into business together just months into their marriage, at just 26- and 25-years-old, respectively. Over the last three years, we have learned to communicate vulnerably, trust completely, and serve wholeheartedly by pressing into each other’s unique strengths. Brennen excels in the technical work – contract negotiations and having tough conversations. Brennen fights for our clients with sincere care and great persistence. In addition, his extensive digital marketing experience has helped us stand apart, particularly when it comes to marketing ourselves and our clients’ listings. I, on the other hand, live in emotion. I thrive in nurturing client relationships and producing engaging content. My deeply rooted empathy has allowed us to develop meaningful, lasting connecting with our clients. My writing and design skills have helped us cultivate a strong social media presence and online community. Read more>>

Michael Ring | Videographer

I wish I could say something other than hard work. Hard work is boring. There’s nothing fancy about it. You could be the most talented or skilled at whatever it is that you do, but if you lack work ethic, you won’t get anywhere. Read more>>

Tom Barr | Founder & Video Producer

Knowledge and stability. Knowledge in this case is 2 parts. The first part is knowledge about what I’m offering. Video is ever changing in both style and technology, so I have to stay connected to trends. The second is knowledge about business. I’ve seen and still see videos that are, I think, better than what I produce, but the person doesn’t have the business acumen to run a successful company. Producing videos is only half of what I provide clients, the other half is customer service and the confidence that I’m here for the long haul. Stability is also two fold in that you need emotional and financial stability. When you start up you HAVE to take risks at times and you can’t make successful decisions if fear is weighing you down. You shouldn’t be in a place where your choice is success or paying the mortgage/ angering your spouse / folding for good. Read more>>

Rob Lohman | Christian Interventionist and Coach

Belief! Belief in the fact that this right where God has me to impact as many lives as possible, as many communities as possible and LEAVE impactful change legacies for generations to come. Read more>>

Jason Berv and Sumaya Abuhaidar | Transformational Life Coaches

The most important factor behind our success is that we help people find the source of lasting change in their lives, and we do so in a way that is filled with ease and inspiration, rather than hard work and willpower. Unlike most approaches to life coaching, we don’t share tips, tools, or techniques. The reason for this is that these all rely on willpower, which is a finite resource, and when willpower wanes, so too can our commitment to change. What we share instead is focused on insight, seeing our lives in a new way. When we see things differently due to a change in understanding – about who we truly are, and about how our minds work – we naturally do things differently. So our coaching is filled with breakthroughs as our clients see hope and possibility where previously they felt stuck or thought the way through would require lots of work on themselves. Because our approach is so enjoyable and beneficial for our clients, we find new clients almost exclusively through word of mouth. Clients whose lives have been transformed in wonderful ways is the basis for our success. Read more>>

Allie Cox | Stylist & Salon Owner

Honesty. I try to be as transparent and vocal with my clients as possible. I know not everyone has the education and background in hair as I do and I want to set them up for success when it comes to care, color and health of their hair. I also want to build trust through honesty with them. If they trust me, they know I have their best interests in mind. Read more>>

Lauren Fusco | Succulent Designer & Shop Owner

I truly believe that the most important factor behind MY brand is kindness and being personable! I love that people can message me at any time if they need help with taking care of a plant or helping them find a gift for a family member or friend. It’s a tough world out there and showing up for people is my favorite part of this whole process. Read more>>

Kendall James | Lead Singer and Keyboardist For Neon The Bishop

The most important factor has to be those who support us sacrificially with their talents and finances. Everyone knows that it’s really hard to make money as a new band playing original music. That being the case, putting out high quality content consistently is no easy task, as EVERYTHING costs money. But it is so important in today’s industry to succeed. Releasing just one single takes producers/engineers, studio space, artists, photographers, videographers, and I could go on. All of these things cost money. We do attempt to do as much as we can on our own, but that can take away from quality and two things that we never want to be without: Collaboration and Community. So, we have many folks to thank for helping us get this art out into the world. Without them we wouldn’t exist, except maybe in a basement somewhere. Read more>>

The Timberline | The Timberline | Members | Terran Hause (Vocals/Guitar)| Clint Petrun (Drums/Percussion) | Mike Boschert (Vocals/Guitar/Bass)

Because we all have careers outside of the music industry, we try to spend a lot of time on weeknights and weekends working on music, preparing for sets, or managing other aspects of the band together. We get really excited for new opportunities to play live shows or to work on new material. Our passion for writing and playing music is the driving factor behind our success and motivation as a band. Read more>>

Zach Connor | Photographer

For me the most important factor behind my success is getting out into the public eye. There are always small victories when it come to photography (the biggest one being people enjoying my work) but in order to be successful I have to get my work out into the public eye and earn income from it. Right now photography is a passion and hobby. Being successful would mean it is a passion and a career. Getting recognized more often, getting my work out there, growing my social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook are all steps to make that happen. Read more>>

EB Combs | Entrepreneur & Photographer

People first. Hell it might seem over simplified and boring, but it has proven its value time and time again to put people first in every part of my process. Taking time to know and understand my clients’ and their goals before the shoot day, allows me to bring a vision together that is honoring and authentic to who they are now and who they are becoming. This people first pursuit has also plaid a huge role in our studio and venue, Realm. While the primary product is renting a physical space, the relationship element we’ve been able to incorporate has made a huge impact in the community we’ve been able to facilitate in our first (almost) 2 years. While the pandemic has made some impact on how our community can function, we’ve seen so much participation virtually and constantly heard how everyone is craving the day that we can safely gather in person in a big way again. Caring for our clients needs in a personal way, offering on site support and connecting people have all played big roles in our people first mindset. Read more>>

Chelsea Beers | Meal Prep Coach & Massage Therapist

The most important factor behind my success in my career is belief. Belief in myself, my vision, and that I am capable of achieving whatever I put my mind to. I think belief is the number one thing that holds people back from living the lives they want to live. A lot of people might want to start their own business but they don’t believe that they can succeed. So, they never even try. And I think that’s true of anything in life. If you don’t believe you’re capable of doing something, you’re never going to try to achieve it. Or, say you muster up the courage to start the journey, which is freaking fabulous! But, if you still don’t believe in yourself along the way, you’ll give up the second things get hard or uncomfortable (which happens a lot as an entrepreneur.) You must have an unwavering belief in yourself and in your vision. If you do, then giving up is no longer an option. I think belief is the driving factor behind any type of success. Read more>>

Melonie DeRose | Founder & Chief GOAL Digger

It’s all about our customers. From the development to every product, to the ingredients we put in our snacks, to the way we design our packaging, we focus on what our customers want and need and that is what we deliver. We are constantly asking our customers what they like (and don’t like), why they like our products, and how we can improve. Our business was designed for women and created to bring healthy and nutritious snacks to women because snacking is not one size fits all. Our success stems from this. We didn’t create the company to just make money or achieve a personal goal. We created our company to delivery natural snacks that empower women and help them become better versions of themselves. When you operate under a vision like this one, success will follow. Read more>>

John Hunt | Filmmaker & Entrepreneur

I attempted to launch several startups in the past that never really got off the ground despite countless hours of planning. Although it’s helpful and recommended to have thought things out, it’s important to remember that no amount of planning will result in a perfect or fail proof design. Getting hung up in the planning stage is the primary reason every “failed” startup didn’t work for me before. Changes to the blueprints are going to happen once you get started no matter what, so diving in and starting “the doing” was what I found to ultimately lead me to a successful startup. Read more>>

Kaitlin Boyd, LCSW | Psychotherapist

Authenticity has been the most important factor behind the success of my therapy practice. My primary goal is to connect with clients on a real level: heart-to-heart. From here, real change and hope is born. Read more>>

Sara Hart | Mom, Naturopathic Doctor, Chinese Medicine Practitioner and Organic Farmer.

Stillwater Clinic & Apothecary is a resource for the community to receive natural medicine tools, sustainable living resources and professional, individualized medical care. The success of Stillwater and natural medicine is inherent in the experience that people have with caring for their health and environment. Making small changes in our everyday lives with sustainable choices, using products that require less chemical manufacturing and supporting organic agriculture all help us move toward a healthier future. Today’s medical culture creates a separation between the resources that generate health and the tools that manage disease. It is easy to lose a sense of self-empowerment with healthcare today. It is also incredibly common for people to not know how to support or improve their health over time. Fortunately the systems of healthcare that demonstrate improving health from generation to generation are available for us to learn from with the natural medicine approach. As human beings in western civilization, we are facing the most overwhelmingly challenging dilemma with how to change the tide of the impact of our culture on the environment. Read more>>

Cindy Poiesz | Founder of Supernola

Networking. People have helped me so much in building my business – whether it’s by connecting me with other people, helping solve problems, giving advice/sharing knowledge, or simply helping to hold me accountable to someone else other than myself. Networking has gotten me further than anything else. Read more>>

TeDi Jansen | Chief Shepherdess

Our farm is built on the premise of community and sharing skills. This has always been a gathering place. As soon as we moved here, I knew I wanted to share this farm with others. Friends came for dinner, campfires and just to sit and look out at the foothills. In the first year we added goats and sheep to our horse/dog/chicken menagerie. That next spring brought lambs and kids and the next year puppies, more reasons for visitors. Our first event was a spring sheep shearing with half a dozen helpers, assisting in handling sheep, helping the shearer and taking care of the fleece. It was a grand day and that night I sat down and wrote a plan for classes and events that would introduce more people to our farm and the heritage skills I use to process our sheeps’ wool – spinning, weaving and botanical dyeing. My favorite class is our five day fiber camp. A small group gathers and we process a raw fleece from spring shearing to finished weaving. It’s my favorite week of the year. Read more>>

Mairead Jacobs Dougherty | Somatic Therapist

The most important factor behind my success in genuine care and authenticity. I truly believe a crucial part of what draws clients to my therapy practice is that I own and share who I am and what I’ve experienced. Counselors are often encouraged to be “blank slates” and to not self-disclose to their clients. The way I approach my work contradicts that. People are drawn to others they can relate to, places where they can feel safe to be seen and share parts of themselves that feel hard to share with the rest of the world. I believe authenticity and transparency allows others to see themselves in someone else and creates a powerful environment for healing. Read more>>