We are so inspired by the businesses in our community because of how many of them are committed to helping to make the world better than it is today. Check out some great businesses below and how they are helping others.

Sarah Coleman | Health and Wellness professional

In the realm of self-help, there are so many options to choose from – with Via Health Collective it is simple one-stop shopping to connect you to a wellness coach and a life you will LOVE. Via provides people with the tools they need to succeed by encouraging them to use what they already know. Specifically, recovery coaching helps people build a better, sober life that they have always dreamed of by connecting with JOY, community, and life skills. With Bitchin Kitchin – we are feeding people healthy REAL food with no compromise on taste and flavor. Affordable, flavorful, easy – everyone wins. We are helping people carve out the time they need for other important things by taking care of the essentials. Read More>>

Kari Eckert | Robbie’s Hope Executive Director & Robbie’s Mom

Robbie’s Hope helps our community and country by bringing awareness to the epidemic of teen suicide. The numbers of teens that have died by suicide in the last few years has doubled in many states and suicide is the leading cause of death in most states but little is being done to prevent deaths by suicide. Robbie’s Hope was created after the death of my 15 year old son Robbie. Robbie was a typical teen-he was a student athlete, he was excelling in school, he always had a smile, was a leader, well liked, was not in trouble yet he died by suicide. After Robbie’s death my husband and I went to Robbie’s friends and classmates to learn more about being a teen today. We learned so much and continue to learn from our youth. Our youth are hurting and carrying the weight of the world on their shoulders. They are tired of seeing their friends die by suicide. Read more>>

Chereen Leong Schwarz | Maker and Outdoor Adventurer

When I first started my business, I knew I wanted to be a business that gave back to the environment. I started off giving back 5% of my profits to different environmental organizations every quarter and eventually changed to giving back to the National Park Foundation. I only used ethically and sustainably sourced materials in my products wherever possible and only use recycled and recyclable packaging. Now, I’m a 1% for the Planet business member and give back 1% of my annual revenue to the National Park Foundation. Additionally, my business is a monthly Patreon for the Intersectional Environmentalist. I realized that we couldn’t promote climate and environmental justice without racial justice and I’ve started to use my business platform to address these types of issues more and more. Read more>>

Nicola Cole | Award Winning Newborn Photographer.

There’s so much stress and conflict in the world today and with the dominance of social media in our lives it can be overwhelming. However, when you scroll through your feed and see images of peaceful, adorable, tiny humans, it’s hard not to melt a little and take a second to think about how precious life really is. Read more>>

Megan Kelley | Musician & Private Music Teacher

I never really stopped to think how my business affected my community until others started pointing it out to me. Let me explain: While I do think about the past (and have so many fond memories of my day-to-day work days and past recitals) I am always looking to the future for what I can do next. How can I improve things? How can I be more efficient? I am the type of person that is always thinking three steps ahead, planning out curriculums and events. Mix that with also living in the moment, staying both present and grounded, and I am just doing what I do…teaching music and cultivating relationships with my students (both children and adults.) In other words, I am just being myself, caring for my student body both emotionally and musically. While my students have great success in their music studies, often getting solos in their school music groups or passing auditions with flying colors. Read more>>

Eric Sandras | Lead pastor of The Sanctuary Church

Seven short years ago The Sanctuary Church started with a handful of misfits and people in recovery, with a unique mission: What if we weren’t just believing for a great church but a great community? As well we wanted to answer the question: Most church’s spend 80% of there time, energy and resources on 20% of the week (Sunday and a youth meeting), what would happen if we purposed 80% of our resources on 80% of our communities week? That step of faith has leveraged what one “mega-church” pastor referred to our little tribe of 150 adults as “the church with the smallest footprint and biggest impact of any in the city.” The Sanctuary Church now – runs a food pantry that distributes up to 12,000 lbs of food to over 400 under-resourced homes per month. – partners with Springs Recovery Connection serving hundreds of persons each week struggling with various addictions. Read More>>

Rhonda Macier Lathen | Travel Advisor

Our world is becoming a smaller and smaller place with the help of social media accounts accessible to everyone near and far. The importance of visiting destinations first hand to increase our understanding of cultures is invaluable. I can share my stories with anyone who will listen, but there is nothing better than physically participating in a tea ceremony in Thailand, making pasta in the home of a Tuscan family, or maybe learning about sustainable horticulture in The Netherlands. These life changing immersive experiences are something that become a part of who you are and how you see the people in these countries. Read more>>

Daina Daniels | CEO & Owner

Nature does so much for us, and we do our best to return the favor to preserve the environment by limiting single-use plastics, following leave-no-trace principles and adhering to conservation practice standards. We also donate a portion of our proceeds to a national conservation non-profit that encourages black leadership in nature. Like many, we find joy in having a cleaner ecosystem. Read more>>

Laura Reilly | Artist and Entrepreneur

My art is purchased for many different reasons, by many different customers. In corporate settings, it’s seen as uplifting and colorful objects of contemplation, and a final finish to interior design. For private customers, my paintings are purchsed for many different reason – as mementos of good times, reflections of my customers own experiences, as a very special gift for significant occasions – weddings, retirements, birthdays – any occasion requiring something out of the ordinary to mark a special time, or to celebrate a special relationship. Once basic needs are met, it’s human instinct to decorate and celebrate and enhance our lives with objects and artifacts that delight the senses and feed the soul – it’s a necessary and universal instinct of humanity. That’s what my art provides, and how it serves the world. It feeds the human spirit. Read more>>

Beth Heckel | Founder and Executive Director of Think Humanity

Think Humanity began when my daughter, who is a journalist visited a refugee camp in Uganda. Kyangwali Refugee Camp was approximately 50 percent Sudanese refugees and 50 percent Congolese. Aimee came home and told me about the devastating conditions these mostly women and children were living in. At that point I wanted to do something. The following year Aimee and I went to Uganda together. Children crowded in small classrooms where learning was nearly impossible. There was no secondary school once they even made it to primary 7. Those that did were rarely girls. Girls had other purposes. They helped with the work and once they reached a certain age the father would “sell” her off in early marriage in exchange for a goat or cow. That would be how she helped the family. We saw the lack of clean water and how girls were the ones spending hours of their days carrying heavy jerry cans of water. They would risk themselves from being attacked by boys. Nothing was safe for girls. Read more>>

Amy Lane | Clothing Designer and Founder of Graphic Revival

T-Shirts are one of the most overproduced clothing item in an industry that is notorious for waste. At Graphic Revival we are trying to change the model of producing another product and instead use what we already have to make products that were heading to waste into something better. Our one-of-a-kind shirts are curated from misprints, overstock and mistaken shirts that would otherwise clog up our overflowing landfill. We believe that our world already contains abundance and we need to rethink how we use and reuse things. Additionally, a portion of all sales goes towards environmental non-profits that are helping protect and heal our planet. We want to do good on both ends and the more successful we are, the bigger impact we can have on cleaning up the environment. Read more>>

Ann Kent | Registered Dietitian Nutritionist & Owner of Peas and Hoppiness

I’m a farm-kid-turned dietitian. My experience moving from the farm to graduate school to the professional world opened my eyes to the fact that many people have no idea where or how their food is grown, don’t understand how to properly nourish their bodies, and have lost the art of cooking – especially how to make nutritious food taste good. My goal with Peas and Hoppiness is to unite these three silos of agriculture (sustainability) + food (cooking) + nutrition (health). I do this by writing weekly seasonal menus with tested recipes to give my members practical tools to eat a more sustainable, eco-friendly diet which tastes good enough even picky eaters will enjoy nutritious, balanced meals. Read more>>

Rich Efird | Owner, Sparge Brewing

When I started planning Sparge I really wanted a place where people could gather, socialize and come together as a community. We treat the front room as a Publix House that is available to the community for whatever their needs may be. We made sure that we maintain a family first type of environment by allowing outside food and non acholic alternatives to our beer menu. Many groups have taken advantage of this offer and we couldn’t be happier with how it all came together. Read more>>

Erika Enos | Naturopathic Doctor

As a Naturopathic Doctor, there are a multitude of ways that my work and business support our local community and the larger world. Here are three of the main ways this positive impact is created: helping individuals to thrive as we address chronic disease, empowerment through teaching and encouraging conscious day to day lifestyle choices. First, let’s talk about helping individuals to thrive. So much of conventional medical care is focused on treatment of symptoms and cookie-cutter solutions. My practice is instead focused on individualized medicine that addresses not only symptoms but has an ultimate goal of helping people to thrive in mind, body, and spirit. When we feel really good physically, mentally, emotionally, we show up differently in the world. We bring a more positive energy and are able to share our unique gifts more easily. I think of my work as helping people to put their best foot forward in their community and the world. Read more>>

Jamie Kripke | Artist + Clock Maker

We believe that if you wake up better, you can start your day better, which can lead to a lot of things being better. Read more>>

Kirsten Miller | Board Certified Holistic Nutritionist, Certified Sports Nutritionist, Certified Health & Wellness Coach

My goal is to help people achieve better health. For each person that can look a bit different but I love to share my knowledge and see how that impacts others, with healthier nutrition or lifestyle changes. When I left my corporate job and started my nutrition business, I knew that I would not make as much money, but I was missing the feeling that I was contributing to others in a measurable way. My love for nutrition and health inspired me to achieve a masters level nutrition certification and start my business, Nourish2Flourish. My greatest achievements are not measured in dollars but in seeing how my knowledge has helped others to feel better and live healthier lives. Read more>>

Stacey Angelow | Channeler/ Medical Intuitive/Healer

My business helps the World by self empowering and teaching Healers, of all walks of life, to fully step into their potential. I guide individuals through my abilities to recognize, heal and release their fear, stuck energy, lack of confidence, injuries, traumas, spiritual plateaus and misguided or misunderstood ideas of their psychic gifts. As the clients clear out their old belief systems and gain their self empowered version, they are able to heal and utilize their unique abilities. As each of us stands in our centered power of who we are , the energy that embodies us creates positive change for humanity and the earth. Read more>>

Jenny Goring | Visual Artist

Visual Art is my tool for communicating my values and priorities, uplifting other people, and easing the pain of daily life. I am working on a series of “Portraits of Inner Beauty” which shift the focus away from socially imposed criteria for physical beauty and onto the things which are really important—such as our strength of character, our kindness, our ingenuity and so on. This project is in its earliest stages, and subject to evolve. At this time, I envision conversations/interviews with a great many people across a wide spectrum resulting in a gallery show of portraits in my signature style of Collage-Painting, enhanced by audio of the subjects explaining their story in their own words. The purpose is to invite viewers to see the positive aspects of my subjects which they may have overlooked. Our society is so divided today, and it is so easy for all of us—including me—to judge someone based only on one little thing about them. Read more>>

Dr. Jane Brewer | Doctor of Chiropractic & Owner of Precision Chiropractic

Precision Chiropractic is not your traditional chiropractic clinic. We focus on a specialized niche in chiropractic called Upper Cervical Care. This approach is different in that our focus is directed toward the underlying instability of the spinal system, which is often the root cause of many secondary conditions (symptoms) such as headaches, migraines, neck and back pain, numbness, tingling, and vertigo. When people are experiencing health issues, the spine is often overlooked as a potential underlying cause. This is unfortunate since the spine protects the most vital organ in your body – your brainstem and spinal cord. If your brain is not able to properly communicate with the tissues and organs of your body due to a spinal misalignment, then a loss of function (and of course pain and discomfort) can result. Conventional options for treating conditions with structural origins include medications (pain killers, anti-inflammatories, muscle relaxers), cortisone injections, and even surgical intervention. Read more>>

Taylor White Moffitt | Psychotherapist, Transformational Retreat Leader, Yoga + Meditation Instructor

As a psychotherapist and yoga teacher I experience first hand the incredible power of the mind and human heart   I feel as though this world needs all the healing, repair and service we can provide. Therefore, my work is dedicated to awakening the leader within all of us through the practice of self compassion and shared vulnerability.   Each year I lead transformational retreats which serve as a catalyst for personal growth and connection.  We offer scholarships so that ALL humans can have access to this incredibly healing work. At our most common ground, we each want to be seen, heard and met. The classes, workshops and retreats give people the tools to do that for themselves and in turn for others, bringing every human being into their greatness. Read more>>

Ava Truckey | Baker + Owner

As a business owner, I feel responsible and passionate about the ways in which I give back to my community: the voices I amplify, with whom I collaborate, and who I support. I source ingredients locally when possible, gift boxes from the bakery each week, and I pay other local creatives full price for their time/product. At the basic level, this is what folks – especially (white) business owners – should be doing. I feel that baked goods are love, but so is putting your money where your mouth is. Read more>>

Maree McRae | Music Ambassador and Non Profit Founder For Heart Mind Connect

Both my work as Music Ambassador for Mental Health and my Non Profit help so many I feel. My songs written from experiencing the broken mental health care system I hope are a comfort to others experiencing the same thing, with loved ones, to know that they are not alone. My Non Profit Heart Mind Connect is opening the first of it’s kind exclusive LGBTQ+ wellness housing here in Denver, and it is so greatly needed. Oh my gosh…no words on how it feels to be able to offer services that are presently lacking for those struggling. Read more>>