There are so many factors that can play a role in determining our results, performance and ultimately our success, but some factors matter more than others. We asked folks what they felt was the most important factor driving their success.

Amber & John Prom | Owners of WeChef Kitchen

Honestly, for us, it is having a balance in skills in the two owners. You have to be a jack of all trades when you own a food truck. You have to be a chef, you have to have people skills, you have to know how to manage people and train, you have to know how to estimate how much food you will need for certain events, you need to know how to shop smart and spend the least amount possible on quality food for your menu items, you need to be a mechanic and an electrician, you need to know how to maneuver a huge truck through traffic or pull and park a trailer into a tight spot, you need to know how to utilize social media to your advantage, you need to communicate effectively, market wisely, network your butt off, you need good math and organizational skills to manage your schedule and keep track of all of your income and expenses. You need to understand the requirements to run your business, the permits and inspections and licenses that are required in every jurisdiction you work in. Read more>>

Gina Burrows | Sale Leader for Boulder County Kids Sale

The success of our non-profit sale and club is due to the amazing people who are involved. Each one of the club board and sale committee dedicate hours to making our club a great resource and support network for families with multiples. Our sale committee works tirelessly to produce a highly successful event that is our main fundraiser and provides an important source of gently used children’s items to our community. Without our team of volunteers we would not be able to provide this important service to our community. Read more>>

Sari Kimbell | Success Guide For Entrepreneurs Starting a Packaged Food Business

Failure. Getting comfortable with failing is the most important factor I have found in my own business and working with other entrepreneurs. I call it failing forward. I take massive action. I fail. I take what I learned from the “failure” and I try again. My success is inevitable if I am willing to keep taking action and I willing to feel the discomfort of getting it wrong, being judged or just plain falling flat on my face. Being willing to fail is what allows me and my clients to try new things like YouTube lives, a podcast, a new email, webinars, masterclasses and more. I will attempt big things and so I am always moving forward in my business. Read more>>

Kelsey Bledsoe | Wedding Planner + Designer

I would have to say that it’s being personable and transparent. At the end of the day, there will always be someone else who can do what you do. But what makes YOU successful and sets you a part, is your unique personality and the way you interact with your clients.. I strive to be open with my couples, fun loving but also professional. Mostly, I want them to see the real me. I want them to know that yes I love my career, and I value my business and my clients above all else, but I am also a mom, and a wife. I love Justin Bieber just as much as anyone else and there is nothing I would rather do than bond over happy hour. I want them to know they can always come to me, and I will always be here for them. We will be working closely together over the next 6-12 months, so our communication is key! Building a friendship is just as important to me as our professional relationship. Read more>>

Libbi Alcorn | Wedding Planner

I refused to give up. Read more>>

Liz Gaffney | Interior Designer & Blogger

Without question, authenticity and emotional intelligence have been my strongest assets as I’ve worked to build my (interior design) business. I say this for two reasons. First, my business is founded on establishing strong, trustworthy relationships with my clients. They let me in to create designs for their most intimate, private spaces and that often requires a good amount of vulnerability on their part. That vulnerability is something I don’t take lightly and I meet them in that place by being authentic – authentically understanding, non-judgmental, honest, and just downright human. I keep it real, always. Emotional intelligence has played a hugely important role as I am constantly managing expectations, dealing with money and budgets which can be extremely sensitive for some, finding common ground between partners navigating design decisions, and delivering hard truths tactfully. Read more>>

Carrie Wallace | Founder and Executive Director of Friends of the Majestic

The Majestic Theatre is the only commercial movie theater in a two hour radius of Crested Butte. We serve a community of 9,000 locals, 4,400 second home owners, and over 200,000 tourists a year. Since 1995, the Majestic has been a cornerstone of entertainment in the Gunnison Valley. Over those 26 years, memories have been made, traditions established, and a tight knit community surrounding the Majestic has been formed. The most important factor behind the success of the Majestic is this community – that gives it life and makes going to the movies a shared experience for people of all ages and backgrounds to enjoy. Our community made the Majestic successful when it was operating and is also what supports us and drives us as we fight to reopen our town’s movie theater. Read more>>

Allison Easterling | Wedding Photographer

I think there’s a couple of factors behind the success of my business and brand. One would be hard work. There’s no way around it. If you want it, you put in the work. Period. You do what it takes to make it, even when it’s hard. Second, and probably most important, would be the people I work with. My clients, my colleagues. When people have an experience with you, good or bad, they talk. When you take time to love and care for people, and deliver good product, they remember that and they tell their friends. I wouldn’t be where I am today without both hard work and the people I’ve worked with. They’re the driving force behind everything I do. Read more>>

James Owner | Founder of Synapse Strength and Movement

I think the biggest factor behind Synapse Strength and Movement is that we approach fitness with a long-term view. Consistency always beats intensity and that is how the gym operates. I’m not interested in the short term. I am not looking to grow the business as fast as I can to sell it. I’m not interested in crash dieting and crazy workouts for 6 weeks to lose the weight I’ve gained from the stress of this past year dealing with shutdowns and Covid. I want to put in the work to build something that really matters in the long run (a thriving business and a strong resilient body) with the knowledge that there will be ups and downs. In the vernacular of Game Stop meme-stock mania, “I’ve got diamond hands!”. Read more>>

Stori Heleen-O’Foley | Photographer + Lighting Designer

For me, it’s authenticity. My brand doesn’t work unless I am my true self and exude that through my clients. I only want to capture real, raw, emotions. Heirloom photography is something I strive to create for every single person that hires me. Every couple, family, event, or brand has its own story and I strive to capture that. I’m also only as successful as my clients make me. 90% of my business comes from word of mouth and that means everything to me. I feel that every person who steps in front of my lens needs to have a comfortable, fun, and meaningful experience. Connection is everything to me. Read more>>

Craig Field | Owner & Knife Sharpener

Before we started out business we knew we wanted to only carry products we truly believed in and would use ourselves. We have strong relationships with all of the craftsmen we carry in store and believe that helps with sharing their story. We frequently visit Japan to spend time with the craftsmen and better understand their processes and ideals. Not only believing in the product but being able to educate people all around the world about the craftsmans vision is a huge factor of our success. When people come in to buy a knife, we want them to feel like they are receiving the same experience as if they were buying it directly from the makers hands. Read more>>

Lisa Garness Mallory | Specializing in Hand Etched Photography

In 2009, I created my process of using wood carving tools and an engraver to hand etch on my mainly nature and wildlife photography. I wanted to find a way to combine my fine art skills and digital photography. I love both mediums so the thought of combing both was the best of both worlds in my artist journey. I’m a pioneer forging new ground in alternative photo processes. I’d describe my work as contemporary and sometimes edgy. I’m determined to continue evolving my etchings. Sometimes I combine etching with colored inks and acrylic paint basically turning the piece into mixed media. Etching takes patience, a drive, love of detail, and vision. My work will continue as my imagination leads me to new and exciting subjects and methods. Read more>>

Michelle Edwards | 1st and Last Chair Fiddle Player For WireWodo Station

One of the most important factors behind our success of our band is a mutual respect for one another and a grateful heart for the audience that comes out to see our show! We really do want each other to shine and allow space and creativity to allow each member to do what they do best. Finding good teammates with good attitudes and grateful hearts has been a big portion to our success. Often we get comments after our show from folks that can tell we are having a blast playing music together and that we have “chemistry” on stage. It all starts during practice, encouraging creativity and allowing room for mistakes and improvement – and always sharing the spotlight. The other element to our success has been we are truly thankful for our audience who spend their hard earned money to see our show. We try to select songs and produce a show where folks walk away hopefully happier then when they entered the door. Read more>>

Bernadette Uzcategui | Photographer & Owner of Blueprint Society

For me, the most important factor behind the success of Blueprint Society is aligning myself with the right people. Finding clients that see the value in clean marketing imagery and with whom I can connect on a professional and often personal level, makes the entire process feel seamless…like you are working with an old friend! We view the process not as a job, but as a collaboration and meeting of the minds. Read more>>

Elk Raven Photography | Images by Ryan Kempfer and Chris Kassar

We believe using our photography for inspiration of our natural world is very important. There is know time like the present to be aware of all things natural. Wildlife, Landcsape and conservation are important for our future generations. We at elk raven photography have a goal of using our photography to educate, to open up minds of individual people. We are committed to producing images that capture the awe and gratitude we feel with each moment in nature, we hope our images inspire you to pause for a moment and express gratitude for this incredible planet. Read more>>

Heidi Wendling | Local Real Estate Expert

Commitment. Real Estate is such a competitive industry. It’s not something that can be a side job or even just a foot in. For me, it’s head first and all in! In order to provide the service your client(s) deserve, you must be fully focused, educated, responsive and in-tune with your local market. In growing my team, this is something I take very seriously when bringing on a new teammate. We are here to not only support our clients, but our respective team members. We are committed to being there for each other and carrying on a reputation of professionalism through the closing and beyond. Read more>>

Bethany Rathman | Co -Owner B&B Kustom Kennels and Rathman & Co

We make a quality product and offer the best customer service. We have spent alot of time perfecting our kennels and making them better and better year by year. We do not cut corners and we do things to a high standard of excellence. We offer the best customer service and put our customers first. We call every customer when they order and try to add alot of personal touches to our business. We include printed thank-you cards in every order and a t-shirt. We also brand each kennel with our logo as well as add a metal tag each with a different bible scripture. In everything we do we put God first. We believe that God has given us this business and we try and do the best we can to honor him with it. It comes down to having an amazing customer experience which starts with our website. We spent alot of time and money making sure it was user friendly, clean and efficient. Second we make sure we deliver an amazing product to rave about. Read more>>

Stephanie Fields | Jewelry Designer

My success as a jewelry designer is dependent on getting to know my clients, and the story they have and are willing to share with me. People are coming to me to create a memory they have of the mountains. Sometimes it’s a happy memory, but sometimes it’s a bittersweet one. I love that people allow themselves to be vulnerable and share their stories, because it helps me understand, and create a perfect piece of jewelry that is tailored just for them. It’s so rewarding to create a memory for someone that is long lasting and wearable. Every time they look down at their mountain ring, they are reminded of their story. Being able to provide clients with a safe space to share, and be vulnerable, and then take that to create something wearable is truly a joy. Read more>>

Lyndsi Greer | Graphic Designer + Animator

Short answer: how emotionally/physically healthy we are personally affects the client’s experience of our business. As a husband and wife working together, we’ve noticed the health of our marriage, how we communicate and problem solve directly bleeds into our work and there’s just no stopping it. Even if we didn’t work together, our personal health in these areas would still show up in how we work with clients. Prioritizing sustainable rhythms of rest, emotional health and healing, physical health and relational growth is all a massive contributor to our success. Read more>>

Mariah Hodges | Fashion Designer

The willingness to pour 100% of myself into my designs and business. I have always had a fashion aesthetic that was a little out of the box and I have committed to creating a brand inspired by my personal aesthetic and passion for fun fashion. Read more>>

Sharon Wolff | Art Gallery Owner

I have been asked this question many times and each time I think about it a little differently. No doubt, the first 5 years were the most difficult. The art business is difficult regardless of how long you have been involved, but during the early years, it is most critical to develop a business plan and stick to it with determination. So many factors can lead to success or disaster. Location, competition, internal business operations, product, demand, networking, hired talent, training, business and leadership skills, determination/focus, etc. Although there were some lean years, my responsibility has always been clear: to first take care of customer needs and the artists who committed themselves to Hunter-Wolff Gallery. As time passed, my focus became razor sharp and my business Plan more important. Read more>>

Lauren Hallez | Crystal Creatrix and Good Vibes Dealer

Of all the factors that have helped me build such a highly successful and reputable brand, community has been the most important of them all. Connecting on a deeper level with my fellow creatives, while building trustworthy and loyal customer relationships has been the ultimate catalyst in sparking the divine frequencies in our community. I would not be where I am today without the love and support of the people who helped me get here. Read more>>

Victoria Brunner | Business Owner

When I think of a successful brand, it has to be a product or company well known to me that immediately brings up a positive feeling or image around them. If not, then they are just another nameless faceless entity in a sea of products. Companies have to work hard to create the brand and image they want around their products or services and stay consistent with their messaging. Individual people are always going to view your company however they want, based on their personal views, but the overall theme needs to be the same. As the owner and CMO, my success will be when I see both potential customers and current customers who see FattE-Bikes they way WE see FattE-Bikes and our marketing goals for the company. A high quality, custom built electric bike company that represents craftsmanship, uniqueness, and integrity that our target customers want in their ebikes. Read more>>

Lauren “Bleu” SinClair | Executive Director and Performer for CHEER Colorado

Team purpose and unified mission. CHEER Colorado is entirely volunteer-based; all leadership, performance, and production positions are volunteer. Our volunteers are connected by a deep desire to serve the community and a commitment to teamwork and dedication to each other’s success. It’s the character and uniqueness of each volunteer that has led to CHEER Colorado’s success over the past four years. We have raised over $47,000 in the past four years that have been donated to LGBTQ+ organizations throughout Colorado, that would have never happened without all the volunteers and supporters of CHEER Colorado. Read more>>