Deciding to start a business is an unusual decision. It’s often considered irrational and yet for many it’s the best decision they’ve ever made. So we asked folks to think back to when they were starting their businesses and to tell us about their decision making process.

Bryant Vander Weerd | Founder, Full Pour Media

There were a few deciding factors into starting my own business. First and foremost was that I wanted to serve the industry I care about and respect so much – the scrappy world of craft brewing. I wanted to offer my services to directly benefit the breweries I had come to enjoy so much over the years. The second factor was the birth of my daughter. I wanted to have more control over my own income level and workload to be able to provide and be present for her while also engaging in work that I love. Read more>>

Brian De Groodt | Founder & President

I’ve always been a horrible employee. Mind you, not that my employers would know this, because I do care about just about everything I do that has my hand in it. But rather, I believe a good employee is concerned about the mission of the organization they work for. I never had that feeling. I felt there was more for me on my own than under someone else. Even if that meant shouldering more risk, the reward of owning my own business was a small price to pay, to me. Translated: The pain of not taking a chance was greater than the benefit of ignoring it. I grew up believing in individual agency as the most sacred of all American values. However, as the saying goes: With great power, comes great responsibility. I knew enforcing my desire to have full control over my life meant not having a lot of safety nets you typically find in larger organizations and that win or lose, it was all on my shoulders. Read more>>

Jamie Lange | Marketing, Creative Direction

For me, starting my own business happened organically. I’ve always been a “yes, and?” type of person, so even when I was working full-time I was taking on side projects that felt valuable to me. After a few years of this and guidance from some amazing mentors, I realized the importance of investing time and energy into forming my own LLC and site, and it’s something that I’ll continue to grow, nurture and develop. Read more>>

Cena Martin Chandler | Client Retention Coach for Health Coaches

My biggest challenge in life began at 17 years old when I became a mother during my senior year of high school. As a young professional, in college, while caring for a young child, I worked at ten different jobs in over ten different industries searching for fulfillment for years. As a black woman, I lent my all to the workforce and I was no longer received or supported once I desired to have another baby. This brought me to entrepreneurship. African-American women are disenfranchised across every industry, particularly professional training and development. Additionally, African Americans receive only 2% of all SBA loan products, making it an unbearable struggle to grow their businesses in any industry. These are the challenges that I faced and sought entrepreneurship to overcome. Read more>>

Anna Steffensmeier | Business Owner and Bridal Artist at Nomadic Beauty

As a creative person at heart and being someone who loves human interaction, I fell in love with the idea of having flexibility, opportunity for travel, and a constant change of pace that allowed me to cross paths with all people of nature, experiencing new encounters and challenges daily. The idea to start a traveling beauty company occurred to me as I started receiving requests for on location hair and makeup from friends of mine. Owning my own business allows me to offer the kind of service I feel is best conducive to clients, create a bridal team like no other, have freedom to manage my own schedule, make my career what I visioned it to be, and explore new cities as I travel to clients. Read more>>

Sara, Celetse & Lucy | Designers at Oh, Hello Design Co.

We started Oh, Hello Design Co in 2019. Business was okay in the beginning, we experienced the normal up’s and down’s of owning a new business but a the end of the day, we didn’t really LOVE what we were doing. We took a look at the big picture and decided to mix things up. About six months into our new business, we adjusted our target audience and chose to work primarily with other female business owners because we wanted our work to be something that made a difference and had a lasting impact. Everyone on our team has had jobs in the past working in male dominated fields and we unanimously felt like female representation was undervalued, so we set out to change that. We believe that women in leadership roles are capable of changing our world and we want to be a part of that story. As business owners and female entrepreneurs, we understand the drive to create and run a business with a mission, that literally gives you life. Nothing beats the feeling of the real-life tangible results that our clients see when their branding brings them success in business. We believe thoughtful, genuine brand experiences help tell our clients story, find their people, and share an important mission with those who need it most. Read more>>

Jamal Page | Filmmaker

I wanted to create something that allowed me to bring joy into other peoples lives. Now there’s TONS of professions that might fit into that category. For me specifically, it was only ever filmmaking. As a kid, movies inspired me, taught me, took me to new places. They’re stories, a universal language, and I wanted to learn how to speak that language to help others around the world. Read more>>

Elizabeth Fehringer | Custom Clothing Seamstress and Designer

I am 5’11” and have struggled my whole life to find clothes that are long enough for my legs/arms/torso, so when I started sewing clothing for myself I loved that I was able to add the length that I needed and where I needed it. Soon I had friends of all shapes and sizes who have the same struggles. I decided to start my clothing company and focus on the customizable aspect of it. Not everyone fits into the “mold” that we are expected to for standard sizes in ready to wear clothing and that makes us feel like we aren’t “perfect”. It makes us feel uncomfortable. It makes us feel insecure. Truth is we aren’t built wrong, just different. And that is what I focus on when making custom items for my customers. Read more>>

JoDee Turner Cara Christenson | Co-CEOs, Elevate5 Web, Strategy & Design

There were a few reasons to start our business. First, both my business partner and myself wanted to put our kids on the bus and take them off the bus. That simple. Working and commuting was not only pulling us away from our children throughout the day, it was pulling us away in the early morning and after school hours where so much of their living and growing was taking place in their little lives. Second, we wanted to excel at our craft in a meaningful way, but while still living in our remote/rural locations. I was wrapping up a graduate degree and teaching in the digital communications space and my business partner was self-teaching WordPress and CSS and growing her graphic design business. We literally had our first client find us, because they needed our services. That was over 10 years ago and a lot has grown and changed since then. Third, we wanted to authentically be ourselves and serve others in the way we felt called. In fact the name of our business is Elevate5, based off of elevating others and Matthew 5:16, about letting your light shine before others. Read more>>

Kailey | Crochet Teacher & Pattern Designer

I have always wanted to start my own business. My parents are both entrepreneurs and I saw how it allowed them to spend more time at home with me and make their own schedules. I knew I wanted a location-independent business, so that is why I decided to create my website and YouTube channel. Read more>>

Cooper Watts | Owner of Puff Puffette Pass Food Truck

I had 10+ years in food service experience but had just graduated with an Economics degree from CSU-Pueblo and found working in finance completely unfulfilling. I found a food service trailer completely blank at an auction one weekend and my dream to create a unique life for myself was born. Read more>>

Melinda Jacobs | International Intuitive Coach and Clinical Hypnotherapist

When I was 20 years old, I found myself in a 6-week inpatient eating disorder program surrounded by amazing nurses, doctors and staff. One in particular, Cinnamon Hawks, truly inspired me. I wanted to be her when I ‘grew up’. So in the midst of my treatment, I set a deep intention: ‘when I am healthy enough, I am going to be the light that sits in other people’s darkest places to know their truth until they can know it for themselves.’ This was the beginning of my journey that led me from job to job, training to training. The jobs seemed random – secretarial, bookkeeping, executive secretary, legal secretary, and paralegal. Little did I know that each of these would be part of building a foundation of experience and understanding for myself as an entrepreneur. Read more>>

Marissa Harmon | Salon Owner and Hairstylist

I come from a long line of entrepreneurs that all are family owned and operated for many years. From meat markets to garage doors to hairstylists our family covers all the bases. I fell into the hair business at 18years old when my older sister, also a hairstylist, told me to go to beauty school to pay for college. I quickly learned the hair business is so little about doing hair and so much more about connecting with people, communicating, understanding and most important listening. After 14 years of styling hair, along side my sister snd brother-in-law, we decided to look into purchasing our own space and building a salon that gave a look and feel of comfort and luxury. We knew if we opened the doors, our clients would come, and boy did they ever, We now know our leap of faith from working for a salon to owning our space has reaped huge benefits for our family! With 5 stylists at our salon and around 1,000 clients, we enjoy making everyone feel their best from the inside out every day we are open. Read more>>

Erik Vienneau | LPC-C (Licensed Professional Counselor Candidate

I’ve seen the impact that combining Eastern mindfulness practices with western psychology can make in my own life and wanted to offer that growth potential to others. Read more>>

Katie Green | Student of Herbalism & Botany, Cocktail Enthusiast

On March 16, 2020- my partner and I woke up to text messages from our employers stating that we would not be coming in for our scheduled shifts that evening. The pandemic had initiated a citywide mandate that threatened the security we once found within the hospitality industry. We had been “furloughed;” a threatening and unfamiliar term to me at the time, now marks the turning of a page. Reflecting on the moments that felt chaotic and uncertain, the conversations that challenged my relationships with loved ones, the time I spent playing, and providing myself permission to pursue earthly knowledge, now appear as a way to take ownership over my personal legacy. Read more>>

Adam Gardino | Musician

My parents have run their own martial arts school for over 30 years here in Colorado Springs. So in high school when I discovered I enjoyed teaching and performing music it seemed like a plausible direction to go. It helped to have so much support from teachers and mentors all chanting ‘Shoot for the moon, because if you miss and land in the stars at least you’re in space’ – or something like that. I kept asking local musicians how they were doing it and the answers were so varied it looked promising. I could do it however I wanted. Or rather, however it would work. Some were Bruce Wayne by day and Guitar George (he knows all the chords) by night. Others were private lesson teachers or public school teachers, with the occasional yearly gig. Still others gigged all the time for nickels and dimes and figured out how to live in a piggy bank. Read more>>

Mamie Trotter | Budding Herbalist, Owner/Creator of Herbal Riot, boss Witch

Both of my parents were business owners, and being my boss always seemed like my eventual plan. Herbal medicine has forever been an important part of my life as well. When the pandemic hit, I decided to enroll in a 500hr herbalism program at Herbalism Roots in Denver. Beginning my studies in herbalism was so eye opening to the world of herbal medicine. These plants WANT to help and want to be heard and understood- my goal is to be a catalyst for that. To create approachable, herbal allies for daily life, connecting with the spirit of the plants, and truly harnessing their medicinal and magical powers!. Read more>>

Elaine Frei | Balloon Artist

I was the kid selling stamped stationary in the back of my red radio flyers wagon to my neighbors. For my 5th grade science fair, I designed something for mail collection and then tried to sell it to my local hardware store. I still have the mailbox prototype! Suffice it to say, I have always loved creating and knew I wanted to own my own business someday. After a move back to Chicago right before the recession, my field of Landscape Architecture went on a hiring freeze and I couldn’t find a job. So I reinvented myself as a grade B graphic designer, taught at IIT, and fumbled my way through many freelance gigs. On the side, I started a bunch of businesses that failed. For example, I designed study flashcards for the LEED AP and made a very basic website. Someone in India stole the idea and made it much cooler! Then I tried to design a product for keeping engagement rings safe in your pocket as the traditional boxes were so obvious and bulky. Many, many explorations and then failures. You get the idea. Read more>>

Chelsea Brinkley | Executive Assistant Matchmaker, Entrepreneur System Optimizer, Remote Work Coach

Starting my own business happened by accident at first. I left my corporate job and started working freelance as an executive assistant to a few entrepreneur clients because I wanted to work remotely and have a lot of the freedoms and flexibility in my schedule that corporate life simply didn’t accommodate. My clients recommended me to some of their friends but I didn’t have the bandwidth to take it all on so I ended up connecting them instead with some executive assistants I knew. I realized after doing this a few times this was something that was definitely needed for entrepreneurs and that’s where the Virtual Assistant Matchmaking segment of my business was born. Since then, there have been a ton of processes put in place so it’s now a well-oiled machine where we get to help entrepreneurs and the freelance virtual assistant/executive assistant as well. It’s a lot of fun getting to connect amazing people together and see the difference it can make when people work in their strengths. Read more>>

Jessica Prezkuta | Artist

Wandering Art Co. was inspired by my passion for preserving National Parks and Forests, while also creating art that encapsulates the heart of a wanderlust. Over time, it has become an outlet for me to explore beauty through my creativity. I now use Wandering Art Co. for creating Moonlit Kits. Moonlit Kits hold original art, as well as basic tools needed for a New Moon meditation. Anything I do through Wandering Art Co. is meant for every wandering heart who desires to truly know beauty. Read more>>

Mauryell Smith El | I’m a Moorish American and as Moors We Don’t Want To Be Mixed Up As a Black People Because We Understand Our Ancient Foremothers and Forefathers Philosophies.

The thought behind starting Vessel came about through me growing spiritually as a person. I had learned about the dangers of plastic to our body and health and was looking for glass water bottles in grocery stores. I couldn’t find any so that observation was in the back of mind. Once I got laid off from my job at the Denver Post due to COVID 19 I jumped in right away to start Vessel. Read more>>

Taylor Eberhardt | Stylist and Clothing Boutique Curator

My thought process for wanting to start my own business was first and foremost to see the benefits of my hard work. In other jobs I had, it was hard for me to see the rewards for all of the work I was putting in. I felt like it was going towards upper-level management and helping them with their advancement and not my own. I want to be the driving force of my business and really know that the results are because of me and receive recognition for that. I also really love Denver and want to stay here, but I know that my true passion in life is fashion and since there is not a lot of that here, I had to forge my own path and bring the “perfect job” to me, by creating my own clothing and accessories boutique Read more>>

Ashley Carney | Curator + Owner

In 2012, when I was living the dream of traveling the world, I was in the small town of Pokhara, Nepal when I discovered the Women’s Skill Development Organization (WSDO). Since their inception over forty years ago, the WSDO has affected the lives of thousands of artisans. The WSDO is a non-profit organization born out of Nepal’s rich heritage of traditional handicrafts. Started in 1975, the WSDO specializes in handwoven cotton products. It is a completely self-sufficient organization with a purpose, providing handicraft related training and skills to underprivileged women so they may become self-reliant. Many of these women come from rural villages and have been widowed, divorced, handicapped, abused, or estranged from their families and communities. WSDO provides training in various areas of handicraft production such as dying, weaving, material cutting, sewing, and even business management. It is with these skills that these women and their children may create a better quality of life for themselves. Read more>>

Jayme Henderson & Steve Steese | Farmers, Founders, and Winemakers for The Storm Cellar

Both of us were desperately searching for a more creative outlet to our lives for many years, while we lived in Denver. We knew that hospitality was in our blood, but we also knew that opening a restaurant was not the option for the two of us. We toyed around with many iterations of wine bars, cocktail lounges, and even wine shops for years before we seriously started discussing the idea of purchasing a vineyard. Although we had each spent many years in the study of wine, neither of us had either worked in a vineyard or for a winery as a career before. Over the course of over a decade of wine travels, our discussions after coming home slowly shifted from the pie-eyed discussions about this mystical topic, to discussions that would often end with some version of the phrase, “We could totally do that.” We are both dreamers by nature, and once the idea truly permeated that the dream of owning a vineyard and operating a winery, we dove in wholeheartedly. Read more>>

Alyssa Feinberg | Happi Headware Founder

I’ve always been inspired by the mountains and surroundings of my home in Colorado. As an active individual with curly hair, I’ve always looked for ways to manage my hair while still getting out there and exploring. Headbands had always been my solution. After buying a headband at a local ski area I had the idea that this was something I wanted to make myself. By creating my own product I could not only use these headbands as a canvas to showcase the places I love, but also tailor these headbands to fit my needs. After this idea was planted in my head I let it sit for a while until finally realizing that this is something I wanted to do, a product I could create to provide a solution to bad hair days through a functional and attractive product! From there it’s all been a journey of trial and error, but you’ll never know what exactly you need to do until you start and it’s been an extremely fulfilling journey starting Happi Headware and continuing to grow it every single day!. Read more>>

Dalton Barton | Marketing Agency for Tour & Activity Providers

My parents are business owners so the idea of being my own boss is one I’ve carried for a while, but the thought process on starting this business was much more recent. I spent 2 years in a client-facing role at a software company where I worked with tourism/activity clients in a website consultant role. I would frequently work in some capacity with the agencies they hired to manage their SEO, social media, etc. Time and time again, I’d come across absolute horror stories where my client being charged far too much, the agency wasn’t responding to emails, or sometimes they just wouldn’t even deliver what they were being paid to do! Over time, the idea that “I could learn how to do these guys’ jobs and do it better” started to grow. After 2 years at that company, it was time for me to move on and I dreaded the idea of starting new at another job, so I figured it was a good opportunity for me to put my money where my mouth was and see if I actually could do those guys’ job better. Read more>>

Jessica Christin | Clean Beauty Advocate & Health Coach

Total transparency I did not have a long thought process. I tend to be a fly by the seat of my pants kind of person, which has its pros and cons! For me, I knew I was passionate about helping other women, about making a difference in the world and about creating financial and time freedom for myself. I already found myself providing health and wellness advice to friends and family, so figured why not create a business around something I am pretty much already doing. Read more>>

Michelle Jackson | Digital Content Creator and Lifestyle Design Enthusiast

I became intrigued by online businesses in particular after seeing a number of friends do well in that space. Initially, I didn’t have a clear idea about what the business would be, how I would design it and who I would serve. Also, because it was a digital business I also had to suspend my OWN disbelief that what I was trying to create could become “a thing.” As for the process there were a few things that I did. I created a vision board about how I could design a life forward business. Living in Colorado made this framework pretty easy to create. I sought out community and connected with other online content creators who were great for giving guidance and support. I lucked out and was able to join a free Mastermind group that helped keep me focused on my goals and where I could ask questions or share my own expertise with others. Finally, because I was creating a digital business I really focused on respecting my energy and personal pace. Read more>>

Kate Hickman | Full-Time Artist & Small Business Owner

I graduated from college with the class of 2020, right at the beginning of the pandemic. Companies simply weren’t hiring for new positions, and if they were, the competition was high from the unemployment rate. As rejection after rejection piled up, I took a break from disheartening job applications and started making art again. One viral video on TikTok was all it took, and I realized that I could actually do this. That was when I started taking it seriously. Read more>>

Tameca L Coleman | Massage Therapist

I didn’t think I would get back to massage therapy, and in the past, I always felt more comfortable working with and for someone else. I was, however, always really particular about where I would work. I knew that I was interested in working with clients who were interested in their own healing, and who considered or at least could be convinced that massage and bodywork was a collaborative work that wasn’t very effective if the client wasn’t doing much outside of our sessions. Massage in that instance would be nothing more than expensive aspirin when the potential for that work is so much more. I’ve worked in that capacity, as expensive aspirin, at what I call a massage-in-a-box business, and I felt miserable. However, when I worked at places like Swedish Hospital’s employee health center, Manton Massage Clinic, and Agua y Sangre Healing, it was apparent that we had built communities that wanted to learn more about how they could feel better all the time. Read more>>

Kerry Laing | Floral Artist

Flowers and foliage have always been an interest of mine. Growing up in Florida where almost anything grows, my back yard was typically lush with gardenias, plumeria, and orchids. I’ve often enjoyed dabbling in various artistic mediums and come from a very “artsy” family; my mother and aunt design jewelry and my cousin is a potter. The idea for Victor & Vines came to me early summer of 2019. I was living in Chicago at the time, and attended the Midsommar street fest in Andersonville. I was intrigued by the people sporting flower crowns and was determined to try my hand at making one. Ready with supplies, I went to a friend’s house and proceed to make multiple crowns on his living room floor for us to wear to the festival. At the fest, we were stopped by various people asking where we got the crowns and how they could purchase one. That’s when I realized, this could be something. I made my first sale that day, a special order for a group of women going to a Dead Head show. Read more>>

Gabby & Ryan Main | Donuteers

My husband Ryan and I started Happy Hour Donuts after we were both lost our jobs last year due to Covid. We drove up to Denver one day and I wanted to stop for donuts, but my husband, who was a personal trainer at the time, did not want to get donuts. Weird I know! Anyway, I spent the whole car ride home telling him that since he didn’t want to stop for donuts, I’ll just make them instead! During that car ride, I tried to convince him that we should open a donut shop because why not? This was coming from someone who had zero donut-making experience, but for some reason, I was determined to make donuts and open a donut shop. I made our first batch of donuts the very next day and made donuts every day for months until we were able to nail down our perfect donut recipe. Read more>>

Marlo Vernon | Founder and CEO of CarePenguin

My dad is a serial entrepreneur so I grew up listening to him talk about his businesses at the dinner table every night and always wanted to follow in his footsteps by starting my own business. I started working on CarePenguin during my senior year of college as my grandparents were getting older and my family wanted a non-invasive way to keep an eye on them. We came up with a simple IoT device to observe their activity through water use and it was a great way for us to make sure they were okay without invading their privacy. the Covid-19 pandemic began right as I was getting ready to graduate in May 2020, and I decided it was the perfect time to start CarePenguin. The elderly population were staying at home and their loved ones couldn’t see them out of fear of spreading the virus which presented a great opportunity to bring a remote monitoring device and service to market. Read more>>

Jake Shaw | Home Inspector & Entrepreneur

I want to create something that allows me to help people everyday. I want to be able to spend more time with my wife. I want to see a result. I want to work with those that I want to. Read more>>

Arielle Aquino | Founder at The Sensualist

I started my business the way most founders do: I started it to create the solution for something I was looking for. When I was first exploring my sexuality, I could not find a store that spoke to me or brought the level of elegance to sexuality that I was looking for. I was only in my late 20’s but already I felt too old for the industry which seemed to cater mostly to very young people. I really didn’t resonate with pink, bright vibrators that promised me the “fastest orgasm ever”. I was in an exploration stage (and still am!) and wanted something that spoke more to the slow unfolding of sexuality: arousal, all of the senses and something a little more intriguing. That’s why I created The Sensualist – a place to arouse all five senses. Read more>>

Hannah Safari | Real Estate Agent & Overall Life Enthusiast

Since I can remember, I never pictured myself in a traditional job situation, sitting behind a desk in a cubicle, only talking to other humans face to face in the break room. Even from a young age, I knew that I wanted to do something where I was working face to face with people daily, meeting new people constantly, and working hands on with friends in the community. I’ve always been someone to initiate gatherings such as hosting people for dinner or organizing a weekend trip for my friends, it comes naturally to me. I’ve been in leadership roles as long as I can remember, especially when it came to my years of competitive volleyball, leading my team as captain to many victories. Once I graduated college, I took off to explore other parts of the world, as well as learn more about myself as a person and challenge myself in new and uncomfortable situations. I’ve come to love being in uncomfortable situations over the years. It’s where I’ve grown the most and surprised myself in ways I didn’t know were possible. Read more>>

Diana Sabreen | Creative Life Consultant

The Big Dream is the second business I’ve started. I help people live more creative, adventurous and playful lives with consulting, events, retreats and playshops. For the last 15 years I’ve been a professional photographer. I’ve enjoyed working for myself, making my own schedule, following my creative pursuits and adventuring around the world on my own terms. People kept telling me “you’re so lucky” and “I wish I could do that” without realizing that they actually COULD! So I started The Big Dream to empower people to follow the path that lights them up and that is calling to their heart, even if, especially if, it is outside of social norms. With my own business, I also get to change the way that business is run and create a new normal. The Big Dream is a socially regenerative business, meaning that it makes the world and the people it reaches more awesome and empowered. Those people then spread the awesome and empowerment. The community inspires and supports each other and pays it forward. Read more>>

Taylor Kyner | Real Estate Agent

There was absolutely no thought process behind starting my own business because losing my job was never part of the plan. Real estate was supposed to be my hobby, not my career. I was far too boring and type A for what I thought was the ‘entrepreneurial life’. Boy, was I wrong! In the age of Fixer Upper; I was an aspiring Joanna Gaines. I had the economics degree and the home buying & lending wherewithal but I was missing a key component. I needed the real estate license to be able to do house-flipping and renovation as a hobby. Unfortunately, or fortunately, the opportunity presented itself in an unexpected way. Instead, I capitalized on a ‘too good to be true’ job opportunity and turns out… it was far too good to be true. I was let go after being employed for only 42 days. At an impasse because I was also 11 weeks pregnant with my first child at my time of termination, the Ross Geller inside my head started screaming PIVOT PIVOT and the real estate agent was born. Read more>>

Frank & Megan Mataipule & Freckelton | Architect & Interior Designer – Co-Founders

We had been talking for many years about eventually starting a business together, “eventually” being the key word there. Entrepreneurship runs in our blood and it seemed like the natural next step for our careers. We have co-managed over 40 projects, work together really well, balance each other nicely, are great friends and always, always laugh along the way which is important. We are very much on the same page about project types and priorities, and together have created a process that we enjoy and is very collaborative with our clients and consultants. The pandemic really pushed (catapulted may be more appropriate), this eventual goal to the forefront. We were Co-Design Directors at Punch Bowl Social and due to the pandemic, furloughed in March of 2020. We both have a hard time sitting still, so the next week we just got to it – registered the business, bought our website address, worked through a logo, pulled together our portfolio and made a spreadsheet of outreach contacts. Read more>>

Jacqueline Stone | Tarot Card Reader

I started Totems and Tarot with a desire to help people heal. My friend is an incredible tarot card reader, however she struggles with technology and self-promotion. I had started a tarot blog for fun during the pandemic as my work had slowed down considerably. I told her, “Hey, let’s put my marketing background to good use and add you to the site.” Hence the Healers Hub was born! It has since evolved to not only allow our clients to book healing sessions (such as tarot card readings, oracle card readings and energy sessions), but we also stock a ton of helpful healing products. Everything I put on the site I’ve used myself personally. We sell tarot decks, oracle cards, crystals, candles and other metaphysical tools. The response has been absolutely incredible. I’m blown away at how divinely timed this business venture has been. People are engaged in a level of self-discovery, growth and awakening that we’ve not witnessed before. Read more>>